Wii U will have its own App Store

According to various reports online, the upcoming Wii U will have its own full blown App Store. Apps are big business these days thanks to the success of smartphones and tablet devices, so it’s great to hear Nintendo are keeping up to date.

According to The Daily, the app store will be a huge step forward from the existing DSi and Wii Shop channels. Wii U users will be able to purchase apps that operate the Wii U itself as well as apps that can be used primarily on the controller. Expect the controller to have e-reader capabilities such as downloading newspapers, magazines, strategy guides etc.

Last year Nintendo were keen for the controller not to be viewed as a tablet device. But due to the bumpy ride Nintendo had in the latter half of 2011, it makes sense for them to pursue new avenues that could prove financially beneficial.

3 Responses to “Wii U will have its own App Store”
  1. SkywardKing says:

    So if the Wii U will have its own App store for it’s tablet style controller, Will the Wii U controller have internal storage so you can use the apps without having to turn on the system itself?


    • Reeesy says:

      Well from the information i have read so far, it seems if it’s to be used as tablet, it will only be able to be used in the home. An article on the Edge website said:
      “Wii U could present another affordable alternative to the iPad, albeit one which can only be used in the home.”
      This suggests it would have to run the apps via the console.
      However, as the release is still quite a way off, i guess they have time to change that.
      Will keep you posted if i find out more.


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