Grab Yourself Nintendo Letter Box’s Nikki Mii

By now, most of you lovely 3DS holders have downloaded every free app available on the 3DS eShop – I know I have. But how many of you have uncovered the wonders of Nintendo Letter Box? Judging by my ever-full letter inbox, I’d say quite a few. But for those who haven’t heard of it, here’s the low-down:

Nintendo Letter Box, also known as Swapnote, is a sweet little system for the 3DS in which you can send stylus-scrawled 3D letters to those with your friend code. You can use different backgrounds and include pictures too. Some have even started using it to play pictionary. While this isn’t exactly innovative stuff, the main thing to remember is that it’s free for everyone to download.

Here you can scan yourself a copy of the official mascot of Nintendo Letter Box, Nikki, to keep as your own. Her day-to-day activities include helping you write letters, sending you SpotPass updates reminding you to check your inbox and generally looking quite sweet.

If you haven’t already claimed yourself a free download of Nintendo Letter Box, head to your 3DS’ eShop right now and click the download option when prompted. Remember you can always delete it if you’re running out of memory space!

Now, get writing!

2 Responses to “Grab Yourself Nintendo Letter Box’s Nikki Mii”
  1. Dave says:



  2. mimi says:

    nikki’s cute and nintendo letter box is cool


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