Animal Crossing 3D – Preview

It’s the new year, hurrah! And with the beginning of the new year, comes a flood of new games to be adding to your wishlist. Take Animal Crossing 3D for example. The previous games in the series have all been great hits with Nintendo fans, making this new adventure the one to watch for 2012. So how is it coming along?

Well, recently there has been a developer round-table, in which those involved in the game had a discussion about some of the new features of Animal Crossing 3D, you can watch it for yourself in the video down below:

So what’s new in the 3D instalment of the Animal Crossing series?

Well, you can now swim.

Also, you can steal Mayor Tortimer’s job.

Looking good so far… Let’s be honest, the last Wii update Let’s Go To The City didn’t really expand on the series. It wasn’t a bad game, in fact I put many an hour into my town, but it just wasn’t anything revolutionary. In fact, the best thing about it was that you could take screenshots onto your SD card and then show everyone the crazy things your townsfolk had been saying. So the fact that there has been an alteration in gameplay is quite big for a company like Nintendo, who like to stick with the tried and tested formula. Animal Crossing Director, Aya Kyogoku, recently stated in an interview that rather than simply paying off your mortgage to Tom Nook, you will also be able to rise up in the world and take on the challenge of mayor, improving your town and putting old Tortimer to shame. Or, you can lead your town to devastation and ruin by neglecting it – it’s all down to you.

There will also be a new character in Animal Crossing 3D, a secretary. She will help the player when they work as mayor in the game, although judging from the recent interview it seems that she is in fact quite clumsy and says funny things – so the real amount of help she can provide is unknown… However she has been spotted in various screenshots following around the player character like a little lost puppy. Will she become one of the series’ much loved characters? Only time will tell.

Tom Nook has also had a career change. No longer owner of Nook’s Cranny, Nook ‘N’ Go, or any of his other infamous establishments, Tom Nook is now an estate agent and in charge of the model homes. While not much information has been disclosed on his function, I’m sure we will learn more on his new role in time.

While it doesn’t look like swimming will add much to gameplay, it’s still a nice treat for old Animal Crossing fans – similar somewhat to when Rockstar Games suddenly introduced swimming into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, allowing young Carl Johnson to take a quick dip whenever it pleased him.

Animal Crossing‘s composer and sound director, Kazumi Totaka is continuing his theme of relaxing, atmospheric music in the next game, as it was one of the reasons the series has appealed to such a wide variety of people. But don’t fret, our favourite dog guitarist, K.K. Slider will also be returning in full 3D for the next game, which many players will be looking forward to.

It looks like we are in for a real visual treat with Animal Crossing 3D and you just know it’s going to look spectacular in 3D when the sun goes down. While the characters in Animal Crossing have had a vast proportion change, for example squirrels are smaller in size than humans, Nintendo hasn’t seemed to alter the fact that humans are still pretty similar in height to grizzly bears and elephants… However, the size of your town itself has also grown, providing you with a larger beach to hunt for shells or go fishing on.

It also seems as though Animal Crossing 3D will allow you to tailor different items for your house, adding to the uniqueness of each town, for example, you can design the pattern on your pillows. Kyogoku also mentioned that players will be able to customise their houses for added individuality. This means editing the roof, fence, letter box and walls of your virtual home.

3DS features haven’t been neglected, as Animal Crossing 3D will also include StreetPass functionality, which we can presume will be used for swapping clothes, house and furniture designs. And of course you will still be able to visit your friends towns using Wi-Fi.

Anything else? Oh yes. You can now wear skirts and trousers. Nintendo have changed the design of characters so now their bottom half is separate from their top half, allowing girls to wear trousers and boys to wear skirts if they should so desire.

Keep checking back at Nintendo Scene for further updates as well as the official release date of Animal Crossing 3D! But first, check out the screenshots below:

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2 Responses to “Animal Crossing 3D – Preview”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I am an ac3d freak!!! I am also 11 and have saved $91.95 already (i actually save money. im not a spoiled brat). i’ve been waiting since early 2011 and cannot wait for its release:)


    • lily says:

      I’m 10 and have €3000.43 in my bank account.You can see that I save money. Anyway,cannot wait for animal crossing 3D.Heard about it in ONM more than a year ago.


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