Kid Icarus: Uprising Comes Bundled With 3DS Stand

Masahiro Sakurai, head of Project Sora, has revealed that Kid Icarus: Uprising will come bundled with a stylish 3DS stand. The foldable stand sits on your desk and cradles the 3DS. It come in useful as you target enemies with the stylus while controlling Pit with the Circle Pad and A, B, X and Y buttons.

It can be used with any 3DS games of course to keep your 3DS steady while playing.

So far this peripheral has been announced in Japan. Would you like to see it here in Europe or in the US?

2 Responses to “Kid Icarus: Uprising Comes Bundled With 3DS Stand”
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  1. […] news of a 3DS stand being bundled with Kid Icarus: Uprising, new box art has been revealed for the upcoming title which […]


  2. […] Now that the holiday rush is over, there aren’t too many big name games coming out right now.  Most popular is probably Kid Icarus: Uprising.  Honestly I have no interest in this game; it’s just not my thing.  But I did get a lot more interested when I saw that gamers in Japan will be getting a cool 3DS stand as part of a bundle when you buy the game!  Check it out here. […]


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