Original Skyloft Concept Artwork

Most of you will now be feeling right at home wandering around Skyward Swords beautiful Skyloft. It may surprise you to know that it might have looked a lot different according to this original concept art. It appears to show Skyloft as a much more densely populated village, set on much steeper slopes across multiple islands.

Its yet another reminder of the many stages of planning and design these games go through.

What do you make of them? Are you happy with the way Skyloft turned out? Or would you have preferred to see a Skyloft closer to the designs seen in this concept art?

As ever, sound off in the comments section below.

One Response to “Original Skyloft Concept Artwork”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Lol. The concept art looks like something out of Studio Ghibli.
    im quite happy with the way skyloft turned out. A flat skyloft is a nice change from all the jumping and climbing and falling of the surface levels. However you can see that a few elements in the concept art were actually implemented (to some extent) into the real game.
    Ex: Bottom right pic has colorful domelike houses tied together by those carnival-ish strings and the Statue of the goddess just north of it.
    The waterfall above that has been used too. Other than that, they are quite different=the real skyloft is smaller, flatter, has less field space, and is much less populated. The fact that there isn’t much makes you want to adventure below the clouds and see what else the world has in store for you. Additionally, it adds to the vastness of the rest of the sky.


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