Club Nintendo Updates(North America)

Time for one of the newer Club Nintendo updates to update itself. Recently the Club Nintendo site made it possible to purchase games for Club Nintendo coins rather than money. This was and is a great idea for Club Nintendo because it gets more people to go to the site and the coin prices, in my opinion, are a steal compared to regular prices. This time around, it looks like Nintendo is getting the big guns ready, games starring the “big guns” for Nintendo.

Club Nintendo is giving  members the chance to get games at a big discount by using coins. The games will only be around for a limited time so act fast. Dr.Mario Online Rx, Dr. Mario Express, Kirby’s Dream Land, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask will be available until January 31st. Maybe this will be the first step in giving fans the Majora’s Mask remake the fans have wanted for years.

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