Kid Icarus News in the States

Today, Nintendo revealed new details about one of the games that is coming out this year and one of the more anticipated games of the year. The game I’m referring to is Kid Icarus: Uprising. The game is the newest revival of the young hero Pit who has seen limited duty in the gaming world since the original Kid Icarus for the NES. Without further delay, lets jump right into the news!

Gamers have been waiting for Pit’s full-fledged return to gaming for years and got a little taste when he was in Super Smash Brothers Brawl but the masses wanted more and this year, the masses will have their answer. Kid Icarus:Uprising is being released exclusively for the 3DS on March 23rd and by the looks of the trailers on Nintendo’s site, the wait is well deserved. New play modes will be introduced in Uprising, such as the Fiend’s Caldron mode. In said mode, the player can adjust how crazy and intense the action is around them and the rewards and environment will differ depending on the level of intensity. The levels can be alternated in a gambling-type game where the player bets hearts with “the fiend.” This should be a fun way for players to test themselves  in a game that already appears to be quite a challenge.

News seems to come out in bunches these days and today was no different. Uprising will be able to use the Circle Pad Pro attachment to give players a different feel as well as letting the left-handed players not have to play with their hands crossed over. Ned Flanders, one time owner of the Left-torium, would be happy that Nintendo is showing love to the lefties out there. There was another piece of good news for North American Kid Icarus fans. If you preorder Kid Icarus:Uprising from select stores, You will be able to obtain a code to download a copy of the remastered 3D version of the original Kid Icarus for free.( ok, maybe not free but it will only cost you the preorder price and that isn’t very much, is it?) I have been hearing a lot from the other Nintendo Scene members talking about their 3D classic Kid Icarus and now US gamers will be able to play it as well. We’re looking forward to the March 23rd release.

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