Wii Review: Fortune Street

Title: Fortune Street

Genre: Strategy/Board-game-like

System: Wii

Developer: Armor Project/Square Enix

Publisher: Nintendo

Fortune Street! Now that I have your attention this review can finally get underway. Now I know you’ve been asking yourself ” What game has Mario characters as well as Dragon Quest characters?” The answer to that question is the Monopoly like game, Fortune Street, for the Wii. Finally you will know once and for all if Donkey Kong and Yoshi would be able to make it on Wall Street. Lets get this party started.

The game brings together fan favorites from both the Mario universe as well as the Dragon Quest universe which is a fun cross-over but that’s about the only fun thing about this game. I have read that this game could be compared to the Mario Party franchise and at times it can be but it just doesn’t have that fantasy feel to it. Fortune Street is a game that could and should be classified as a Stock Market Simulator. Players buy property and invest in other parts of the game board to gain more capital. The object of the game is to gain a certain monetary value and get back to the bank first. Sounds simple enough right? You would think that wouldn’t you, but no! The only comparison I can make to the Mario Party games is the fun mini games that players can play but they are nothing like the mini games in the Mario Party games.

I went in to this game fresh, trying to not know much about it before I played it. I started with the demo play-through so I could learn the rules of the game as well as figure out the concept of the game. I feel like a more realistic comparison for this game is Monopoly rather than Mario Party. Monopoly has chance cards, so does Fortune Street. Monopoly deals with people trying to make as much money as possible by buying property and screwing over the other players, so does Fortune Street. So back to the demo, it moves WAY too slow for me and that’s the demo. I started with the demo and it took about an hour and a half to finish. I understand that the demo is supposed to teach you all the rules and whatnot, but the board is smaller and the computer characters aren’t as cutthroat as they are in the actual game. The back of the box says “strategic property and investment video board game.” That sounds about right in my estimation. The game does have online functions, which isn’t always a given with Nintendo games these days. You can play random people online, which is always good because you don’t need friend codes and then you can play with registered friend-code friends. Nintendo finally seems to be getting the hint that people want to play games online against other people and Fortune Street is just another example of a game that does just that.

Complicated. That was one of the major problems I had with this game. The general idea of the game is simple enough but the execution of the general idea is complicated. While you travel around the game board you collect playing card suits in order to achieve a promotion at the bank. After your promotion, you can earn more money to spend on property and whatever else you want to spend it on. Another one of the problems I found with Fortune Street is the amount of time one game takes. I’m used to long games of Monopoly so this isn’t a major deterrent for me but I can see how long and complicated would scare people away from this game.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Steve, you only talked about the negative points of the game. Why should I play this then?” I was just about to get to that. For starters fans of the Mario and Dragon Quest games will be able to see their favorite characters side by side trying to make it big, buying property and sticking it to their competition. Also the backgrounds look great and each one looks better than the last one. If you don’t like Mario Stadium, you can go to Bowser’s Castle. The backgrounds give each game something fun to look at while you play. Also as everyone who reads my posts know, I’m a sucker for good video game music and Fortune Street did its homework when it comes to music. It has remixed versions of classics from the Dragon Quest games as well as the Mushroom Kingdom. My favorite theme has to be the Pipe Maze remix while you buy stock as well as the several map themes that sound great to hear. If the game is going to take a long time, why shouldn’t you have something kick-ass to listen to. The game even has Mario RPG references such as a Mushroom Kingdom map theme, which is great to hear again. These are a few reasons why I like Fortune Street in the first place and why I’m giving it a 8.0/10.

My Conclusions

Fortune Street is a game for the Wii that combines board game strategy with Stock Market strategy. Throw in Mario and Dragon Quest characters and you have a fun game that shows how complicated the stock market really is. Buy and sell property and try to make the most money from your competition, which can be a pretty tall order. This is the perfect game if you have some time on your hands because each “match” takes a while to complete. The maps are a nice touch and make the long “matches” easier to deal with. Another thing that makes the game fun is the remixes of old school Mario and Dragon Quest songs slipped in. If it isn’t the “win battle” theme from Dragon Quest, it’s the Pipe Maze theme from Mario 3 or the Mushroom Kingdom theme from Mario RPG. Little add-ins like these let the players relive some of their memories and gives fans another reason to play the game. Who doesn’t love old Nintendo music, I know I do!

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