Mutant Mudds – 3DS Review

Title: Mutant Mudds

Genre: Platformer

Developer: Renegade Kid

Published: Renegade Kid

System: Nintendo 3DS

The Earth is being invaded by Mutant Mudds and it’s up to Max, the young glasses-wearing hero, to save the day with a little help from his Granny, of course. Will Max be able to save the planet from Muddy invaders and be able to locate the missing Water Sprites needed to help save the world? Does Mutant Mudds hit the mark or can we call it by its name, Mudd? (sorry I had to go with the “my name is mud” reference somewhere in this review) Strap in, its gonna be a Muddy ride!

Mutant Mudds feels like it could have been made years ago. It has the look of an old Nintendo game. 8 bit games seem to be making comebacks in recent memory with games such as the Mega Man Wiiware games and Mutant Mudds just to name a few. The game not only feels like it was made a long time ago, it plays and sounds like that as well. As everyone who has played Mega Man games can tell you, spikes are bad. This rule of thumb is no different for Mutant Mudds. Spikes are an instant death. Just when you think you’re going to clear that jump, you misread how far it is and fall right into a pool of spikes. The game is at times one of the harder games I have played in quite sometime and that is a welcome site. I was starting to question if creativity was dying in the video game industry but with developers like Renegade Kid, we should be just fine.

Being creative is how small market games survive and Mutant Mudds fits that mold by being creative in different ways. One of the main ways the game adds to platforming is by having Max able to jump between the foreground and the background to collect the golden diamonds needed to buy power-ups in Granny’s dusty attic. The game designers wanted to pay homage to the systems of Nintendo’s past. The bonus levels of Mutant Mudds are either inspired by old Game Boy games, being in black and white( or green tint for purists) or by the Virtual Boy, complete with red coloring of everything except the enemies and Max. This just shows that everyone has great memories when it comes to the Big N. It would be great for more developers would take a page from Renegade Kid and do something like this. Now everyone who has read my material here knows that I’m a sucker when it comes to good video game music. Mutant Mudds is no different. The minute I started playing this game, I knew the music was perfect for the mood. If it isn’t the first stage outside Max’s house, it is the cool and creepy sounding ice cavern level. Everything was done really well for this game. However………

Now with every game there are good points as well as bad points. Mutant Mudds is no exception to the rule. For starters, it is a really hard game at times, which can be considered a good thing as well as a bad thing. Good in the sense that it makes you work but bad in the sense that you might want to throw your 3DS out the window after falling on spikes for the thousandth time. One of the major problems with the game is that it too short of a game. It didn’t take me very long to beat the game and collect everything that was available. Granted, I’m a perfectionist and if you’re not it still won’t take very long to beat this game. Another issue was the game had you blindly going into enemy areas and jumping blind as well as not being able to dodge something. One thing the game didn’t get from the old school games is the get hit and become invincible for a short time. Nothing seems to come easy in the world of Mutant Mudds, which isn’t always a bad thing. I come from a different time compared to most of the video game players now. What I mean by that is I don’t want the game to tell me flat-out how to do something tough in the game( such as the hint videos in the Zelda games)and Mutant Mudds doesn’t do that. It doesn’t take too much to figure out a tough puzzle but it does have you going through levels a few times to collect both of the water sprites in the level. It’s with these reasons that I give Mutant Mudds for the 3DS’s eShop download service a 8.5/10, A good game that is worth the investment and time it takes to show some love to a game that might get overlooked and it shouldn’t.

My Conclusions

Mutant Mudds is a fun game starring Max as he tries to save his planet from the Mutant Mudd invasion. Over the course of the adventure Max has to collect water sprites and golden diamonds to help in his quest to get the Mudds off of his planet. He also gets help from his Granny along the way as well. Granny can provide Max with power-ups to hover in midair longer and fire stronger water shots, which adds to the game. Through trial and error is really the only way to know what power-up works best in each situation. The old school look and feel to the game is great for Nintendo fans both young and old. The music is great and also adds to the “we want this game to feel and play like an old school game.” Mission accomplished on that front and the spikes=death was a nice touch to the NES era as well as paying homage to Virtual Boy and Game Boy games. However, the game is too short and I won’t hold that against Mutant Mudds too much because it is after all, an eShop game. I will however hold some of the blind jumps and certain unavoidable areas against it. Still, the game is pretty cheap, price wise, and it is a bargain and if a game is good but too short, maybe a second installment is already in the works? Will Max be able to fight off the Mutant Mudd invasion? Even Granny doesn’t know the answers to everything.

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