Nintendo Scene Turns 1YO Today!

As we look back at the Year that was. Most of 2011 went by like a flash. Many upon many significant Nintendo moments, but none as big for us as the launch of our site dedicated to all things Nintendo, NintendoScene.Com.

London StreetPass Event - Massive Success with Yoshinori Ono's AttendanceFounded by myself as a gamesave sharing hub called the NGC-FS site (the Nintendo GameCube File Sharing site) back in 2001, changing into a Nintendo Usenet discussion group before energizing into what we all know it to be now on January the 1st 2011 @ 13.04, the Nintendo Scene website. You can see this our opening post and the packed coverage through our opening Month here.

To be honest every moment has been a high point. From working with our many fellow authors to attending the exciting Nintendo related events around the globe. We always look forward to wonders that Nintendo and all developers bring to the gaming scene.

We like to keep our coverage real, written by real gamers with no desire to impress with anything other than our real opinion, or in case of news coverage, nothing but authentic and fresh information.

As we celebrate today, be sure to stick around and follow our various feeds too. Today between 13:05 and 14:00 GMT, there will be some little somethings that we’ll be giving away on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Thanks to you all for making the site what it has been, is and what it will become.

3 Responses to “Nintendo Scene Turns 1YO Today!”
  1. Jassen Payen says:

    Congrats Nintendo Scene, and happy birthday! May you have many many more!


  2. Dipesh says:

    A very happy birthday! Love your work and passion for Nintendo!


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