Jungle Kartz – Review

Title: Jungle Kartz
Genre: Racing
System: Wii
Developer: Nordic Games
Publisher: Nordic Games

Jungle Kartz is another Mario Kart clone, featuring 8 ‘fun loving animal characters’, 32 tracks and 4 player split-screen racing. Developed and published by Sweden’s Nordic Games, it’s described on the box as a ‘frantic race to the finish line as you experience the thrill of racing Jungle Kartz style!’. Hmmm…

The game features Quick race, Time trial and Tournament modes, all of which can be played with up to 4 players, and there are a decent number of different karts and tracks that are unlocked as you progress through the game. Like MK, the game features a range of weapon pick ups to launch at your competition as you race around too, but none are particularly fun to use here.

Jungle Kartz Wii - Gus
Gus is a gorilla. But look at those trees!

Compatible with the Wii wheel, the controls are the same as Mario Kart Wii. But, unlike the intuitive control method that everyone can pick up and use in MKW, using the wheel for Jungle Kartz means you’ll be crawling into corners instead of power sliding around and you’ll be off the side of the track frequently. As a fan of this method for racing in Mario Kart I was very disappointed.

Unresponsive controls are not the only problems with this game. Jungle Kartz features the worst soundtrack I have ever heard (!) and the whole thing suffers from awful presentation generally. Production values seem minimal, the menus and character models are poor and the bland, plain, un-textured in track visuals are some of worst I have seen on the Wii. There is very bad collision detection too, which means you’ll be spending a lot of time either stuck to side of another racers vehicle or watching your kart slowly role around the bottom of a square tree after a crash, while you wait for the game to put you back on course.

Jungle Kartz Wii - 4 player action
Some 4 player action, where the frame rate slows down terribly!

One of the worst games I have ever played, Jungle Kartz should be avoided at all costs. Frustrating, ugly and noisy, I can’t recommend that you play something else instead enough!

Wes’ score: 2/10

2nd Opinion: Katy
Jungle Kartz is a rather low budget game, having glitched in the first 5 minutes I played it. Do yourself a favour and splash out on the new Mario Kart 7 for 3DS instead. 2.5/10

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