Nintendo Considering Name Change For Wii U

A report from CVG suggests that Nintendo may be considering re-naming their next-gen console before E3.

Their article claims that following what they describe as a ‘disappointing’ E3 for Nintendo, the company is considering whether to completely re-name their new console. This is following the public’s confusion over the 3DS’ relation to the DS, as Nintendo have had to differentiate 3DS boxes by adding new red labels. Investors among with the general public were worried that this new home console would therefore merely be another Wii and not a complete ‘new’ console.

What do you think the Wii U should be called? Personally I was quite fond of Project Cafe!

Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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3 Responses to “Nintendo Considering Name Change For Wii U”
  1. SkywardKing says:

    i don’t know what they want to call it but i do remember when it was revealed at E3 people were confused about whether it was a just a new controller or a whole new console and that was because they only officially unveiled the controller and i think because of that some people are still confused. So i believe they need to do a reveal redo to go along with the name change, because some parents will for sure mess up and buy their kids a wii instead of wii U, especially with the somewhat similar looks of the consoles.


  2. Dan Fanta says:

    Aside from changing the name, Nintendo would really need to consider the way they market the console. I think this was one of the biggest failings of the 3DS. There was too much emphasis on the 3D aspect but hardly anything about the upgrade in hardware itself. To this day, i still have to explain to friends it’s not just another iteration of the DS with 3D.

    Whatever Nintendo decide to call the Wii U, the marketing should not strictly focus on the tablet controller, but the hardware capability.


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