New Club Nintendo Rewards

The newest batch of Club Nintendo Rewards are in! Two new games to buy with coins and a new reward were added to the Club Nintendo catalog  recently and Club Nintendo finally looks like they are getting the hint that people want cool things that other non-members can’t get a hold of. The newest reward is a prime example of that, the 3DS game card case. This case holds 18 DS or 3DS games and it shows off the history of Nintendo by having covers with classic game scenes from Mario and The Legend of Zelda for example. This reward only costs 250 coins, which is a bargain for something no Nintendo fan should be without.

Only two games to buy with coins this time but they are some fun ones. the DSi ware game, Art Academy is what it sounds like. Basically you are an art student learning how to draw.Anyone who likes to draw should grab this. Mario Party 2 is the other game available for 150 coins. Considering that the game regularly costs 1000 Wii points, 150 coins is a steal for a great game. Mario Party 2 built off of what made Mario Party 1 so good. A crazy party like atmosphere with new games and costumes and themed game boards. Mario Party fans can’t pass this up this opportunity to play the game for the first time or relive old times. Act quickly though because the games will only be available on the Club Nintendo site until February 29th.

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