Phoenix Wright Movie To Be Released Globally

Last July we had a cheeky glimpse at Capcom’s upcoming Ace Attorney live action movie. At that point, however, it looked as though the film would only be released in Japan. Thankfully director Takashi Miike has announced that he is planning a worldwide release.

According to IGN, Miike is aiming to both dub and subtitle Ace Attorney in each region, also changing the names of characters so that they match the names used in the game of that region. For example, although we may know our beloved defense attorney as ‘Phoenix Wright’, in Japan his name is Naruhodō Ryūichi, Naruhodō being his surname.



Ace Attorney will hit Japanese cinemas on the 11th February 2012. Are you looking forward to its release? As Ace Attorney is one of my favourite series, I am extremely excited to see the live action film.

Check out these images from the film below and look out for any characters you may recognise… :

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