E3 On The Horizon

With 2012 well underway, the gaming community is preparing for one of the biggest expos in the industry: the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Talk of the Wii U has exploded, from various rumors of the software that will be made for it buzzing around the internet, to talk of Nintendo possibly renaming the console altogether. At last year’s E3, Nintendo unveiled the console, showcasing some of its beautiful HD graphic capabilities as well as the intricate tablet controller. At first glance, many people were confused as to what exactly it was that Nintendo was presenting; was it a new console, or a new controller? Questions multiplied, and many left E3 puzzled and confused about the Wii U. But as 2011 progressed, Nintendo released more and more morsels of information and news to whet the curious gaming community’s appetite.

As it stands today, Nintendo has said various things about its new console. Third party titles such as Batman: Arkham City and Assassin’s Creed have been confirmed for release on the Wii U. It has also been said that Nintendo will be setting up online accounts for Wii U users, much like Microsoft has Xbox Live and Sony has PSN accounts. Nintendo has also released whispers of a new Zelda title and a new Metroid title coming to the new console (both of which I am very excited about).

At this year’s E3, many questions will be answered, such as whether or not the Wii U will keep its name, as well as price points for the console being announced. What with all of the buzz surrounding Nintendo’s new console, this year’s E3 proves to be very exciting. Many a reporter and journalist will be venturing out to Los Angeles for the expo, hungry for stories and news on each big name company. Will 2012 be another successful year for Nintendo? Nothing can be said yet for sure, but if Nintendo delivers all that it has promised, then it should have no problem rising above its competition and taking the stand as the top dog.

What are you most looking forward to this year? Personally, I’d be very excited to hear some more news on the new Metroid game. Feel free to post in the comments!

One Response to “E3 On The Horizon”
  1. Convoy says:

    I look forward to finding out the price for these “controllers”… Sounds spendsive.


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