Imagine Fashion Designer 3D – Review

Title: Imagine Fashion Designer 3D 

Genre: Simulation

System: 3DS

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: November 11th 2011 (Europe), November 15th (NA)

Ever wanted to become the ultimate fashion designer? I never was one interested in fashion designing, and after playing this game, I still wasn’t interested in it. Everyone to their own I guess! So, aspiring fashion designers, are you ready to rock the entire fashion world? Imagine Fashion Designer 3D will help you on your way.

You are a wannabe fashion designer, so you must carry out the various fashion desires of clients such as …….. Create the ultimate look with each client to dazzle the audience and critics, and also to unlock new items. Gain popularity by using your flair for design and climb up the fame ladder to become the most sought for designer around. I haven’t got too far up that ladder, so that goes to show how bad I am. I hardly know how to dress myself, let alone someone else.

The main menu consists of My Career, My Style Studio, My Profile, My Collection and Multiplayer. My Career is where you will start your journey to becoming the next Donatella Versace (without the plastic surgery), beginning with a simple tutorial choosing a client, meeting their expectations, putting your outfit together for them and seeing what your masterpiece is like as they show off your design skills. It’s incredibly simple to do.

The tutorial is over, and now you’re ready to embark on your journey. You begin with just a few clients, but this as you go higher in the ranks, the more people demand for your expertise on the latest trend-setting outfit. Choose a client, where now you’re given six hints on how to create the outfit your client longs for. You must pay close attention to these hints, or you will end up with a 2/10 score like me. If you satisfy all of your clients wishes, you achieve a perfect score and gain top marks which goes towards progressing your player rank.

Certain tasks require you to customize the outfit in question, and this is where your creativity can really shine. Change the appearance of an item of clothing by choosing a different pattern or a different colour, but using your 3DS camera to add photos of your own patterns to your outfit, or why not take a picture of your face and add to it! Nothing like sporting your own mush around the place. Now its time to submit your design after you’ve added the finishing touches. Fashion industry professionals will now give their opinion on your clients look, and decide if your style skills are up to scratch. You gain new items for passing the challenges, along with new patterns and customization options. The higher the score, the faster you will advance through the game.

Ran out of money? No problem, as My Style Studio allows you to create new looks and sell them off for a profit. This isn’t the only way to make more money for your designer needs, there are three mini-games: ‘What is she wearing’, ‘Whats the style’ and ‘What doesn’t match?’. I’ve been having the most fun with ‘What is she wearing?’, where I need to memorize what the model is wearing. If I guess correctly, I gain a certain amount of coins.

Multiplayer mode sets two players against each other in a fashion-off as you try to out-do the other player on client challenges. You can also trade designs with other players and if you StreetPass someone else with Fashion Designer 3D you might receive some new clothing for your collection.


This game is perfect for those wannabe fashion designing girls and guys (yes, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren to name a few..), but isn’t much on the creative side for those that let their imaginations run wild. A decent game to whet your appetite if this is what you hope to do in the future.

Orla’s Score: 4/10

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