Dillon’s Rolling Western Hits the eShop Rolling

More news was released during the Nintendo Direct video today as shocking as that sounds. Sarcasm aside, Dillon’s Rolling Western finally hit the eShop rolling( sorry for that) today and it is the full version, not some dulled down demo, we finally get the real deal. The game stars Dillon, a Armadillo who tries to help the downtrodden by coming into a new town and like in practically every Western ever made, the new guy in town always saves the day. He doesn’t use “guns at dawn” to settle the score, he uses what every Armadillo does, his trusty rolling ability. This looks like it could be a “can’t fail” eShop game and you can pick it up today.

The game isn’t just action. It blends action and strategy, two modes that might be tough to blend together but for the Rolling Western, it looks like it works. Fight the Grocks, the enemies made of rock while protecting the towns in strategy game action. Collect different elements and create different town protection strategies. The only downside to the game right now could be the price. It looks like it is going to set people back ten bucks to download. If you have the points, then the price shouldn’t stop you but I would probably do my research before I spent ten bucks on a game like this. The pricing of eShop games isn’t terrible if the product isn’t going to suffer as the prices go up. I understand that money makes the world go round and in theory spend money to make money. I wouldn’t mind the companies spending a little more money to make a little more of my money. Dillon’s Rolling Western looks like it will be worth the price and looks like a really good game. Only time will tell with this one. Will it Roll into the hall of fame or right off the edge of a cliff? Either way, check it out and enjoy it!

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