Hyper Japan 2012 Event Report

Hyper Japan 2012 took place at Earls Court between the 24 and 26 Feb 2012.

The running of the event was a massive improvement on the previous years, Hyper Japan had obviously learned from the ticket and queuing errors that had previously made them victims of their own success.  But the event as a whole felt smaller.  Rather than the two floors at Olympia, Hyper Japan took up the upper floor of Earl’s Court, so it might have been simply the way the event was set up rather than any physical reduction in exhibitors.

As previously reported, Nintendo Unleashed brought the first leg of their 2012 tour to Hyper Japan. The games on show were:


  • Tekken 3D: Prime Edition (Hands on previously covered here)
  • Resident Evil: Revelations (Demo available to download via the eShop and was previously reported on here)
  • One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP – What I did play on this can be summarised with a boss battle and then me running around a beach trying to work out what I was doing.  I’m hoping this demo is available on the e-shop soon as what I did play was interesting. I’ve never seen One Piece, nor do I know much about it, but it does seem like the kind of action adventure game I’d be down with, so I’m interested to play more in my own time.
  • Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure – Rhythm Thief is the kind of game I try and avoid because once I start playing, I find it very hard to stop.  I love the simple challenge of having to match rhythms and combinations and the animation was fantastic.  From the demo I can tell it’s not the sort of game I would buy, but I think this is going to have big following when it is released.


Also available to those who brought their 3DS’ with them was access to the UK’s first dedicated Nintendo Zone spot with content.  Most of the content available was simply stuff that can already be downloaded through the eShop, which would have only been useful to those without WiFi at home.  There was however an episode of One Piece available for streaming (streaming only though, no downloading for later which was a shame) and access to the Hyper Japan program and show guide.

The Nintendo Zone was very slow, and was only available in a small area around the Nintendo Unleashed area, but I think it’s a fantastic start to a promising idea.  In area’s like airports and train stations, if enough content is live it will be a fantastic time filler, especially if the UK gets a NetFlix 3DS streaming service and the two of them combined.  The area’s picked as Nintendo Zone hotspots would also quickly become streetpassing havens, again if the content was worthwhile and the WiFi itself was strong enough.  Hopefully Nintendo Unleashed will continue to upgrade and improve this service at UK conventions too.


Cosplay was quite light on the ground over this Hyper Japan weekend, the different forms of related fashion were noticeably more on show.  This could have been because of Stan Lee’s appearance at London Super Comic Con over in London’s docklands over the same weekend, where pictures show a large gathering of Cosplayers at that event.

Other Stuff

I was pleased with the food again on site at Hyper Japan, the queues were a little insane during peak periods and at one time I actually saw two queues interlinking and crossing.  I overheard someone asking what a guy was queuing for and he said that he wasn’t sure, but he knew it would be some kind of food.  The quality as always was fantastic and I collected business cards for the ones I would like to try at their restaurants.  I do advise you all, if you can find them in Waitrose or John Lewis, to try Kabuto noodles.   They’re an executive instant noodle and they taste delicious.

My report on last year’s Hyper Japan can be read here.

Did you attend Hyper Japan?  What did you think?  Did you play on the Nintendo Unleashed Demos or try out the Nintendo Zone?

More photos are available on our Facebook page.

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