Review: The Whitakers Present Milton & Friends 3D

Title: The Whitakers Presents Milton & Friends 3D

Genre: Simulation

System: 3DS

Developer: dtp young entertainment

Publisher: Koch

Release Date: 17th February 2012

The Whitakers Present Milton & Friends 3D is a virtual pet game where you must interact and look after your very own horse. It is somewhat similar to Nintendogs + Cats. You’re  welcomed into the game by Ellen Whitaker, who tells you that a lot of their friends go to their stables and look for their help with the foals. The horses, Ellen explains, also have different personalities. After she gives her little speech, the local vet needs some help with one of his foals, and this is where you come in. The foal has been training really hard and needs a break, so you need to make sure it is looked after.

Your first test, say hello to Screwball! Screwball is the vet’s foal, who needs a lot of cheering up. Like Nintendogs + Cats, the foal needs care and attention for it to trust you and get to know you better. Soon after catering to Screwball’s needs, you are faced with creating your very own foal. There are various options laid out here for you. You get to choose from the breed of horse, the colour of it’s coat, mane type,and the foal’s eye colour. Now choose your foal’s name, pick a stable for it to live in, and now your small journey begins.

You’ll need to monitor your foal’s basic needs under four different subjects: Hunger, Thirst, Cleanliness and Morale. To keep your foal happy, you will need to accommodate for all these needs. Tap the mouth icon or give a whistle to call your horse over. While its standing in front of the screen, give it a stroke and watch as it’s love for you emanates. Click the milk bottle icon to feed your foal through a water bottle, but be careful as the bottle must be at a certain angle throughout its feed, otherwise it starts dribbling and you will be docked marks, as you are awarded for your efforts, which goes towards the foal’s requirements. Your horse is now smelly after its feed? No problem, click on the brush icon to begin the grooming process, by simply brushing your foal, then washing it with a soapy sponge and a rinse with the hose.

Take a trip outside the stables where you can engage in a range of activities with your foal. Teach it some tricks whilst out in the field, such as practicing jumping by swiping the styles in the direction of the on-screen prompts just in time. Play fetch with it by throwing a small toy, and also bridle the horse, where you need to keep your foal within an indicated box on-screen by using the Gyro Sensor.

Play Coins may also be used throughout the game for some upgraded equipment or deluxe items for your foal. There is an AR feature which, which is quite fun if you want to bring your horse to life and snap some pictures of it. StreetPass is also featured in the game, where you can enter your horse into beauty competitions and go head-to-head with another player, the perfect chance to grab some new items. Why this isn’t used in the main game is beyond me.


Sadly, The Whitakers Present Milton & Friends 3D is not a game for me, and its lack of depth might leave most gamers dissapointed. Young horse enthusiasts will adore this game however. The game is slow paced and tends to repeat itself quite a lot, so just be aware of that.

Orla’s Score: 4/10

One Response to “Review: The Whitakers Present Milton & Friends 3D”
  1. ana says:

    i love this game!got for £5.00 at morrisons i think girls aged 7-12 will enjoy it best!buy it if you love ponies or enjoyed nintendogs/and cats and i love my pet!lol


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