PokePark 2:Wonders Beyond Review

Title: PokePark 2:Wonders Beyond


Developer:Creatures Inc.

System: Nintendo Wii

Genre: Adventure

Pokemon and Nintendo, a winning combination, right? PokePark 2 is another Pokemon game in the long line of Pokemon Spin-off games that Nintendo brings out a few times a year. Pokemon Spin-off games are either hit or miss. Is PokePark 2 a hit or a miss? Strap in, it’s going to be a fun ride.

Pokemon games for the Wii have been more miss that hit but to be fair, there aren’t that many Pokemon Wii games. Long story short, Pokemon are being taken to Wish Park and being held their by force. Ok, maybe not by force but hypnotic cake would be more correct. Pikachu and his pals decide to make it their business to help find the missing Pokemon but would Pikachu and friends handle it any other way? The game looks good and sounds good. The question is “does it play good?” Well, lets get into that.

Pokemon games have always been known for great music. If it wasn’t the Pokemon Center theme, it’s Petalburg City. Pokemon games have some of the best video game music around. PokePark 2 fits right in with the Pokemon games. The guitar battle theme was a pleasant surprise as well as the eerie,spooky theme of the Wish Park. When you heard the music in the Wish Park, you could tell something ominous was going to happen. More so on the battles with Cofagrigus and Chandelure rather than the Cake baking and dancing mini-games.Pokemon games have always been about collecting as many pocket monsters as possible. PokePark is no different. What is different is how you collect them and why. In the mainstream Pokemon games, you collect Pokemon to fight for you. In PokePark, you befriend Pokemon by doings things for them and then all your befriended Pokemon to open the path to Wish Park. The more Pokefriends you have, the easier it will be to open the path to Wish Park.

Mini-games play a big role in the game. Other than running errands for Pokemon,playing games with the Pokemon is a way to befriend them. Either running after them in the “Chase” mini-game or Battle to befriend the Pokemon you’re fighting. There are ways to strengthen your Pokemon by having them train with other Pokemon for Speed or HP, just to name a few. These modifications aren’t free though, and you will spend the berries you find along your adventure.These mini-games get very repetitive quickly because playing with the Pokemon is an easy way to make berries to spend on things. There are boss battles as well along the adventure where you fight evolved “final-form” Pokemon such as Krookodile or Bisharp. I know Pokemon is all about battles and the battles don’t feel too overused. It is the other mini-games that feel overused such as chase for instance. Having to run after Pokemon over and over again gets old real quick. Personally it isn’t enough to spoil the game but it does hinder what the game could have been.

Now, with every game there are good points and bad points. PokePark 2 has some cons to go along with the pros. The repetitive feel of the mini-games is one of those cons I was talking about. A Pro is the way the game looks and sounds. Each Pokemon saying their name is an aesthetic pro and the music speaks for itself. The Controls are not nearly as tight as they should be. Picking up berries became a challenge because walking around in circles was tough to do as well as “chasing” some Pokemon. There are multi-player games that can be played with friends such as the “Cake Contraption” mini-game.The games that are played in the Wish Park are the games that can be played with other people. Multi-player games is a pro, by the way. The camera and controls are not the greatest and in this day and age, you should have your camera/control issues should be fixed by now. For the reasons I have mentioned, I’m giving PokePark 2:Wonders Beyond for the Wii a 7.5/10, A game that has some good points but could be better.

My Conclusion

PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond is an adventure game for the Nintendo Wii staring Pikachu, Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy. The four Pokemon are trying to figure out what happened to the Pokemon that are disappearing inside the PokePark. The game looks good and sounds even better but what would you expect from a Pokemon game. Music is really where the comparison between other Pokemon games and this one stop. The controls aren’t nearly as tight as they needed to be and the camera isn’t as tight as it should be. The mini-games get repetitive quickly but for who the game is marketed for, it probably won’t give the younger fan that repetitive feel to it. It’s good to see the Unova region Pokemon on the Wii console but lets hope the next time( hopefully Wii U game) the installment is a little better.


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