Kid Icarus: Uprising Weapon infographic

So, how’s everyone enjoying Kid Icarus: Uprising then? For me, it’s all about the flying sections. The speed, graphics and tense action is fantastic but they’re over all too quickly I feel. Fusing weapons is also very addictive; collecting the daily weapon gems from Spot Pass means there’s always something new to try and the further I am progressing through the game the stronger weapons I can create.

As a fan of the game and the weapons options particularly, I found the following infographic very interesting. Posted by the Kid Icarus (UK) Twitter account, the graphic shows all of the weapon types available with some details on each one. Take a look (click on it to open up the full size version) and, if you fancy hooking up online, add my friend code 0087-2284-1432 and give me yours and I’ll see you online!


— UPDATED infographic 28.05.2012 —

Kid Icarus: Uprising is OUT NOW and available on the Nintendo 3DS.

3 Responses to “Kid Icarus: Uprising Weapon infographic”
  1. Trevman says:

    This game is so awsome. My code is


  2. Trevman says:

    Anyone else that leaves their code please copy mine too. I’ll copy yours


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