Fantastic Famitsu Score For Fire Emblem 3D

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has awarded the upcoming Fire Emblem: Awakening for the 3DS an amazing score of 36/40. Famitsu magazine is individual in its scoring technique as it uses the combined score of 4 different reviewers, who can award up to 10 points each. The four reviewers decided to give Fire Emblem: Awakening each 9/10.

It seems the 3DS is on a roll recently, with all its top latest games receiving high Famitsu scores, with Kid Icarus: Uprising gaining a perfect score of 40/40 and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance achieving 38/40.

Fire Emblem: Awakening certainly looks interesting, with features such as character creation tools at the beginning, and the ability to get married and have children! You can also recruit your children to fight with you in battle. While getting married isn’t a new theme in Fire Emblem games – you could be wedded in the 1996 Fire Emblem Seisen No Keifu (translated as Fire Emblem: Genealogy of Holy-War), a Japanese only game for the Super Famicom.

Excited? I know I am! Check out this awesome cinematic trailer here:

Are you saving up for the latest Fire Emblem installment? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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3 Responses to “Fantastic Famitsu Score For Fire Emblem 3D”
  1. Benjamin (@XxBroBuzzxX) says:

    Getting a high review score on Famitsu doesn’t mean a lot nowadays since they’ve been handing out perfect scores like candy.


    • ktx8 says:

      I do believe there have been under 20 perfect scores since the magazine started around 25 years ago, which is quite something compared to other gaming magazines. If you read (or find the translated versions) of some of the reviews they can be quite harsh at times. Hopefully Fire Emblem: Awakening will live up to their score.


  2. Nohan Pradipta says:

    It’s not a surprise I think… Fire Embles series are great!!! I suppose it should gain perfect score 40 out of 40!!


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