Pokemon Black & White 2 Details

Japanese Coro Coro magazine has confirmed today that the upcoming Pokemon Black & White 2 is no rehash of the previous title. It unveiled that the game will feature a brand new set of characters and a new location.

The new male and female protagonists can be seen from the magazine shots as looking rather sporty, as well as a new ‘rival’. While it’s always great to see new faces – I’m not too sure on the haircuts…

Coro Coro has also introduced two new gym leaders; Homika and Shizui (names will most likely be changed to adapt to Western audiences). Homika uses poison types, whilst Shizui’s strength is water Pokemon. More gym leaders will hopefully be uncovered by Coro Coro and other Japanese gaming magazines in the upcoming months.

While the game still takes place in the region of Isshu (Unova to Western gamers), a new location has been added called Hiougi (name also subject to change), which is where you will start from.

Pokemon Black & White 2 is set two years after Black & White, however the region is partially frozen, which means routes have been changed and some new areas have been installed.

Coro Coro has also confirmed the Japanese release date of the game as 23rd June. European and North American DS owners can expect to get hold of the game a few months on.


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One Response to “Pokemon Black & White 2 Details”
  1. EJ says:

    Wow never thought there would be a Kanto/Johto themed game set release. I am truly excited


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