Miyamoto Talks New Wii U Mario Game, Pikmin and Retirement

News coming to us from today’s Spanish El Mundo newspaper, confirms that Nintendo plan to unveil a new Wii U Mario Game at this Year’s E3. Another than the game utilizing both screens, no more came to light. It’s not clear whether it’s related in anyway to last Year’s “New Super Mario Bros. Mii” Wii U demo. We’re sure more on this title will be announced in the run up to E3 ensuring an increase in hype. Miyamoto also ended the article by confirming that Pikmin is indeed very much on Miyamoto’s work role. He made reference to it utilizing Wii U’s high definition graphics. This will comfort many who’ve been waiting for this title a long time.

Surprisingly, Miyamoto went back to talking about his retirement from Nintendo. Previously talking about retirement, dropped Nintendo’s share price by 3% back in December 2011. This time however his comments were more refined:

We all get older. I’m already about to turn 60. In recent years I’ve been telling people within Nintendo: ‘I’ll have to retire at some point. We must be prepared.” That’s why I given more responsibility to younger colleagues. But there was a misunderstanding with what I said.

You can read the full article in English here it makes an interesting read. But this small piece demonstrates that Nintendo is gearing up for a big hype offensive. It’s looking set to be one of Nintendo’s biggest ever E3 appearances. We are set to report live on E3 2012 via all our channels. Be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook feeds and all our E3 2012 coverage can be found here via this link to our site.

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