Time Travelers Release Date Announced [Japan]

Today Japanese games developer and publisher Level-5 have officially announced the release date of their upcoming game Time Travelers in Japan. The game will be launched across the 3DS, PSP and PSVita on the 12th July this year. The full retail price has been set at ¥5,980, which is around £46 according to today’s currency rate. Expect the price to differ somewhat upon EU and NA release!

So why should you be excited about Time Travelers? Well for starters it is being developed by Level-5, with Akihiro Hino at the helm, who are responsible for Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven, the upcoming Fantasy Life as well as the PS2 Dragon Quest classic VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. The composer behind the game is Hideki Sakamoto who you can thank for the beautiful music in most of the Yakuza games.

The story begins in 2013 when a mysterious hole known as the “Lost Hole” appears in the sky, causing a huge explosion which destroys central Tokyo and kills many. The events of the game start in 2031 in a newly rebuilt futuristic Tokyo. There are holographic signs throughout the streets and a great building called the “Space Elevator” which rises from Tokyo Bay through the clouds, pointing up towards the heavens. The “Space Elevator” actually powers the whole of the new futuristic Tokyo, yet how it does so is unknown. But something is about to happen, which could change the world and everyone who exists in it, forever.

While not much more is known about the game, this only furthers the idea of mystery and suspense which Level-5 have tried to create when making the game. Check out the trailer down below:

Are you on the edge of your seat yet? Time Travelers should definitely be on your list of games to save the pennies for!


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