Kid Icarus Battle Squad – Brighton Report

Today saw the Kid Icarus Battle squad visit Brighton HMV for some further rounds of one on one tournaments, AR card battles and giveaways. Whilst reportedly a little quieter than previous visits to London, Reading and Birmingham, the Brighton leg of the tour attracted a number of Nintendo fans, young and old, all keen to unleash their Kid Icarus skills on the Battle Squad champion Adam.

Personally I didn’t do too well, losing as the first one up against Adam and as someone with less experience and knowledge of the games array of weapons I only beat a few players, but I did manage to win a few AR cards in card battles. Myself and some keen Kid Icarus fans played our own one on one battles and a Dark (Battle Squad members) vs Light (us visitors) match up encouraged a large number of on-lookers to see what all the excitement was about. Nintendo fans including visitors from Wales and nearby Crawley, as well as Brighton, swapped friend codes, clocked up Street Pass hits and compared Kid Icarus game progress ensuring much fun was had by all.

Next week the Battle Squad will be at MCM and I am told that due to the overall success of the tour more dates are likely to be added soon. If there’s an event near you then make sure you attend to take on Adam, Wez and the squad. It was great meeting you guys there today and if you were there say hi in the comments below. Some pictures from event are below.


12 Responses to “Kid Icarus Battle Squad – Brighton Report”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi wes it was a great day i got to the semi final in ar battle and lost. Got some new ar cards and about 32 steet pass hits. Raymond aka (steet pass Rimmer)


  2. hodsey77 says:

    Just got the game today…loving it so far! Just hope they do some tournaments “oop north” – I need more AR cards! 🙂


  3. Julian Synchyshyn says:

    such a fun day, got a proper wad of AR cards now, on top of your organised mario kart 7 matches you should have a kid icarus matches say once a week – Julian


    • Wes says:

      Nice idea. Anyone else fancy some regular Kid Icarus online matches? Good to meet you Julian, keep with us for coverage of E3 – it’d be great to get your thoughts on the big news when it’s out.


  4. seancucco says:

    Great day got 28 AR cards and quite a few streetpass.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi wes can i ask a question have you been down to brighton in the last year because i have just look at my mii that i got yesterday and your mii Wes NS i have meet twice now. Raymond


  6. Anonymous says:

    For everyone who wants more kid icarus ar cards this months games master magazine no.252 has a free pack of cards. I got three issues all 18 cards are different. I got a gold wing one as well. Raymond


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