Nintendo All-Access Site Gearing Up For E3

E3 is almost here and Nintendo is getting things ready to show the public at this years show. Until the public is allowed to attend E3, and who knows when that will be if ever, various web sites and TV stations have you covered. If you only care about Nintendo, and why would you be checking out Nintendo Scene if you didn’t, Nintendo’s website has you covered.

The site is pretty bland right now but that’s because E3 is still a few weeks away. The site “house-keeps” pretty well by telling you when Nintendo’s presentation is going to be and when you can catch it on the All-Access site. The presentations from this years show will also be on Nintendo’s Facebook page so where-ever you get your news, Nintendo has you covered. Nintendo is having their presentation on June 5th at 9 A.M. Pacific Standard Time so make sure you either have the web site up and running by then or the TV tuned to the right channel. Nintendo also plans on showing off their software shown at the show on the All-Access site as well as a “developer discussion” with Wii-U hardware producer Katsuya Eguchi. The discussion is planned for June 5th but later in the day and the games and whatnot will be added to the site on June 6th.

During and after the show, I’m sure Nintendo will add more to their E3 site such as what games they had at the show and interviews with other developers. One thing I hope they stay away from this year is those game-play videos with that annoying girl on them that doesn’t really know what she’s doing and makes you think ” Man, I could do a better job than her!” Remember, E3 is a few weeks away and make sure you stay tuned to Nintendo Scene for all your E3 news/previews/rumors from the world of Nintendo.   The E3 All-Access site for Nintendo

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