E3 2012 Wishlist: Wii U and more Mario!

E3 this year for me, like a lot of others, is all about the proper Wii U reveal. Last years teaser with it’s tech demos and confusion re the controller and whether or not it’s even a new console was exciting, but, with Nintendo promising full details on the new console for this years event the anticipation is at maximum level.

As a life long Nintendo fan any new console will always be top of my wish list and Wii U looks set to be the best yet. HD visuals, new ways to play with the tablet controller, better online support and the potential for a host of awesome launch titles, I will be glued to the presentation on 5th June like the Nintendo fan I am. We know that the price details and an exact release date won’t be confirmed, but I’ve no doubt that seeing the final design and what the new console can do will be enough to keep Wii U at the top of my wish list and get me at the front of the line on release day. Whenever that may be.

So, confirmation of the systems specs and how it will continue Nintendo’s reign as the greatest games company ever will be great to see in more detail, but, what I really want to see is how Mario is going to feature. The Super Mario series of games from the first adventure on the NES through to New Super Mario Bros Wii and Super Mario 3D Land are amongst my favourite games, as well as Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy.

Top of my wish list of what I’d like to see at E3 has to be a new Mario Kart game. With the recently fantastic Mario Kart 7 on 3DS, Nintendo have developed a winning formula of kart options, tracks and online play that we need to see carried across to the new home console. And with Mario Kart Wii never out of the all format game chart a sequel seems inevitable. I want to see new characters, new tracks, promise of future DLC content and motion tablet controls.

We already know that New Super Mario Bros Mii will feature and I’m looking forward to seeing more about this one with new footage and details of the multi player experience particularly. But, 2nd on my wish list, is the next game in the Mario Galaxy series. I can’t get enough of the 3D Mario titles and a new HD adventure on Wii U will be the icing on an already very tasty looking cake! More retro nods, more Yoshi, more amazing music and more of those new ideas that just keep Mario fresh but with that classic gameplay please!

Keep with Nintendo Scene for more E3 wish lists from the rest of the team and please do let us know what you’re hoping to see too!

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