E3 2012 Wishlist: Mario, Zelda, and Kirby, Oh My!

E3 2012. The best time of the year for video game fans is almost here and I can’t wait. Los Angeles will be jumping this year for the Devils/Kings Stanley Cup final as well as the trade show at the L.A. Convention Center. By the way, Devils in six games, I’m just saying. Sorry I got off-topic there, ok here we go: What do I want to see from E3 this year? Strap in, it’s going to be a fun ride.

The Wii-U should be front and center at this years show and why shouldn’t it be. Last year, Nintendo put  the idea of the Wii-U out to the masses with mixed results. One would hope that they learned from last year and fixed their issues, such as being sure to tell the masses what exactly their system was. What I really want to see with the Wii-U is what games they plan on bringing out to launch with the system. Systems get out of the gate quick or crash and burn because of the games that come out with the system at launch. Lack of Mario could kill the Wii-U before it gets out of the gates. In my opinion, Mario or at least a major player in the Nintendo universe needs to be front and center for the Wii-U to be a success. I’m also interested to see how Nintendo has fixed their online issues because it seems to me that the Wii-U controller is being billed as a tablet. If that’s the case, it has to be able to go online and we all know how Nintendo has problems with internet functions. I’ve also heard a rumor that you will be able to transfer your Wiiware programs to the Wii-U, similar to DS to DS program transfer. Can’t wait to see the Wii-U and hear about it. Would like to hear about the price of the system but beggars can’t be choosers, I guess. On to the games……

I’ve been a Nintendo fan my whole life and love seeing what Nintendo has in store for the fans next. Mario has always been my favorite and I can’t wait to see what Nintendo has planned for the plumber from Brooklyn. One of my favorite Mario games is Super Mario RPG and I would love to see Nintendo bring the series back into the spotlight. It seems like a perfect time for Nintendo to do something like this, while they are giving older franchises re-brandings. I would also like to see some Pokémon news this year. I would love to hear that the original games are being added to the eShop, so players wouldn’t have to worry about the save batteries dying as well as wi-fi trade options. Give the series an update and keep it old school at the same time. Also some new info for the new Poke-apps announced recently as well as finally getting that 3DS Pokémon adventure that all us Pokémon fans want. Wii-U Tablet plus Pokémon game equals can’t fail. The tablet-like controller gives handheld games more options because everyone brings their tablet around.

Usually, at E3, there are two types of announced news: The news that is considered common place, and the news that is considered “out-of-left-field.” Like I said before, top-tier Nintendo franchises need to be front and center from the get go for the Wii-U to succeed. Cue Mario or Zelda for this task. New Super Mario Brothers Mii was showcased at last years show as well as a Zelda video showing the HD features of the new system. News on the 3D Link to the Past at this point, would be considered “out-of-left-field,” seeing as through Miyamoto is only thinking about this. News like this would be like the Smash Brothers news last year. I would also like to hear what Nintendo has planned, if anything, for the anniversary of Kirby. We all know about the “Mario All Stars” like Kirby game planned but I would love to see a new Kirby game with Rick, Koo, and Kine and play like the old school Kirby’s Dream Land games. What better way to pay homage than going back to your roots. Throw in the release date for the new Animal Crossing and make a new Snow Brothers and I’ll be a happy camper.

I’m sure Nintendo has more planned and I’m glad I don’t have to decide what they show off and what doesn’t. I would like to make those decisions but the presentation would be hours long if I was showing things off. Wishlists from the rest of the Nintendo Scene team will be posted throughout the week so check them out as well as comment on what you want to see at this years E3!

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