E3 2012 Wishlist: Advance Wars 3DS

We’re due another Advance Wars.  The start of the series rolled out regularly on the GBA and DS with two year intervals between the first three titles, then three years until the fourth.

  • Advance Wars 2001
  • Advance Wars 2 2003
  • Advance Wars: Dual Strike 2005
  • Advance Wars: Days of Run (Dark Conflict) 2008

Working on the 3 years between AW: DS and AW: DoR, we were due Advance Wars 3DS in 2011, but the 3DS was launched then, so I’ll allow Intelligent Systems some leeway.

But this E3, to satisfy my turn-based gaming needs, IS need to announce Advance Wars 3DS, with networked multiplayer support and a host of Spotpass and Streetpass features.  Paper Mario 3DS and Fire Emblem: Kakusei are nearly out, so it makes sense for IS to begin work on AW 3DS.

I was let down last year with my hope for Advance Wars 3DS.  Nothing else will appease me.  It’s either Advance Wars 3DS or a year of disappointment (Ok, maybe Red Steel 3 on the Wii U might makes things better).  Your move Intelligent Systems.

One Response to “E3 2012 Wishlist: Advance Wars 3DS”
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