Nintendo Scene – A Month In Review – May 2012

Hello everyone, it’s Amaris again! How was everyone’s month? Sorry for the delay, but no worries, I am back to give you your monthly dosage of the goings-on here at Nintendo Scene.

First and foremost, let’s kick off this article in Oxford. This month, Oxford played host to a very cool convention known as Retrovision. This four-day event allowed the public to partake in auctions and competitions for vintage consoles and hardware from Nintendo, Sega, Atari, and many more. Being a huge fan of retro gaming, I’d love to see something like this over here in the states, and more specifically on my side of the country haha. But until then, I must settle for reading cool articles on such events.

Also this month, Nintendo released some concepts of a Wii U charging dock and zapper. Personally, I don’t care much for the zapper, and I believe it’s a little cheesy, but if Nintendo can find a way to make it cool and worthwhile, I’ll be all for it. With E3 looming only a few days away, I won’t have to wait much longer.

A release day was set for “Time Travelers” in Japan. While not much is known about the game, the trailer looks pretty neat, and the concept seems intriguing. I may pick up a copy when and if it’s translated into english and shipped over here to America.

Adventure Time will be coming to the 3Ds in the fall. I won’t go into much detail, as I have no interest whatsoever in Adventure Time (I’ll withhold my opinions for the sake of its fans, haha), but for those who are diehard fans of the series, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Finn’s nonsensical adventure.

Nintendo released a statement this month that they were discontinuing production of the Aqua Blue 3DS— but only in Japan. Phew. On a side note, Nintendo released a cool “Midnight Purple” color to its list of 3Ds colors. When I save up enough dough to go out and buy one, I will most definitely get it in this color. Purple is my absolute favorite, not to mention the hue reminds me of the original GBA. Ah, the memories. Good ones were had on the GBA, and good ones will be had on my new Midnight Purple 3Ds!

This month 3Ds owners got the chance to demo Rayman Origins via a download from the eShop. The game is notable for beautiful graphics and was a great play on the Wii. I look forward to the 3Ds release. America may be getting a demo for Kingdom Hearts 3D soon, which is good news for my friend, whom has already pre ordered the game. Europe should be getting one as well, but nothing has been said as of yet.

I’m pretty excited about Luigi’s Mansion 2 for the 3Ds, but if Nintendo released it for the Wii U as well? I’d be in heaven. Luigi’s Mansion, while disliked by many of my peers, was one of my favorite Gamecube games. I spent HOURS playing that game, and remember bonding with my dad in the wee hours of the morning, vacuuming up ghosts. If I got the chance to do that again with Luigi’s Mansion 2, I’d be more than happy. I’d be downright ecstatic!!

Steve did a review of Mario Tennis Open, and gave some good points. Give the article a read and compare it to your own thought on the game. I thought it was pretty cool, but I’m a serious geek when it comes to anything Nintendo so I’m not entirely sure my opinion is valid. I’m pretty biased, haha.

Some very cool screenshots and artwork of Pokemon Black and White 2 were released this month, in an attempt to whet the appetite of hungry and anxious fans and gamers. A few of these included some battle scenes, as well as Meleotta in both of her forms. Pretty neat, in my opinion. The Pokemon Company announced that a 4 disc soundtrack would be released in Japan on July 25th, and that it would include 173 tracks of music that was in the game. Those who get the soundtrack will also be treated to a few bonus tracks, as well as a 24 page color booklet that tells of the development of Black and White. It’ll be something that Japanese fans will want to get their hands on. While there’s no word on whether or not the UK or America will get this cool opportunity, I’m sure we’ll find out at this year’s E3.

Now, I know that if you’re reading this, you’ve seen that I’ve written the word E3 about a million times in this article. I am SO excited about this year’s E3. Everyone here at the site is, and has been posting wishlists that include the games they want to see and hear about in Nintendo’s press conference this year. I will post mine after I send in this article, but I want to highlight a couple of the wishlists that I thought were spot on:

Orla’s wishlist has a new Zelda in it, and I am ALWAYS up for some more Zelda. The Legend of Zelda has always been a favorite of mine, and I would be more than happy to hear about a Wii U Zelda this year. With Wes’ wishlist, I have to agree on the full explanation of the Wii U this year. Nintendo was incredibly vague with their so called “unveiling” of the console last year, so knowing that we will get a definitely explanation this year is super exciting. Steve makes a good point with his wishes for a Kirby game. I love the Kirby franchise, and seeing a new game would be great. Now, Katy, you hit the nail on the head with your wishlist. Nintendo! Enough with the remakes! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Ocarina of Time 3D, but there needs to be a PLETHORA of new titles out at this year’s E3. Nintendo really needs to go over the top with title releases this year. I’ve never played an Advance Wars game, but if it’ll make Stealth happy, then by all means, let there be one announced this year, haha.

Goodness, what a crazy month. With the entire planet buzzing with news and anticipation for E3, you may be wondering, well hey Amaris, do I really have to wait a whole month to hear about what happened at E3? Seriously? No, no, my faithful reader! Not to worry, but we here at Nintendo Scene will keep you up to date on everything going on at E3 this year. Click here to read an article that Steve wrote regarding the goings on with Nintendo this year. Also, here is a direct link to the page that Nintendo will be doing a live stream from during the presentations.

Are you ready, gamers? Will Nintendo pull ahead this year and blow all of the competition out of the water? Will all of the loyal fans get what they wished for?

There’s only one way to find out. Stay tuned, all!!

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