Report – StreetPass Bogota Colombia – A Massive Success

Before anything is said, there must first be thanks to Alejandro Cifuentes and Nintendo Colombia without whom this event would not have been the massive success it became. After all, our success in StreetPass events back home in the United Kingdom are notable. Being the first to organize a StreetPass gathering in the West with our ever increasing popularity – to our Flash mobbing of the Apple Store, all in the name of StreetPass. It’s become clear to myself that we needed a new horizon. We needed to help quench the thirst for StreetPass in fresh pastures. Seeing as I was to make this trip to this wonderful Latin American country of Colombia and knowing that the grace of StreetPass was not what it could be, I put out the word to my friend Alejandro. Alejandro is a prevalent blogger in the region and unknowingly he had the much needed contact with Nintendo Colombia. And so it began. Nintendo Colombia afforded us such warm support, without which the event might still have happened but nowhere near the success that it surprized us all with. Strategic date and time were chosen to be Saturday the 2nd of June 2012 between 15:00 and 17:00, and so we were plotted on a course to bring us the largest StreetPass event known to date.

Making my way through Bogota’s traffic inflicted streets, I closed in on a grand Latin American shopping centre by the name of Atlantis Plaza. As well as hosting other up market outlets such as the Hard Rock Cafe Bogota, the centre more importantly houses Nintendo Colombia’s own retail store. Small as it is, but branded to the hilt it is. Straight from the getgo you are kissed in the face with Nintendo’s own iconart. A mass of demo TVs showcasing games, with Nintendo uniformed staff very helpful in catering to their customers. If only every capital had such a Nintendo retail experience.

Arriving on site I find a modest area in front of the Nintendo store cordoned off with the space already serving a handful of Bogota’s hardcore StreetPass early birds. I say my dues and check my 3DS for the green light. Sure enough I’ve got them. I am settled in the fact that this is looking to be a run of the mill StreetPass event and enter the shop to mingle with the staff. As early as I am, I leave to pick up some Juan Valdez hot chocolate (Colombia’s Starbucks) and make a few calls. On my return my eyes are blitzed! Even before the scheduled time of 3pm, the place is hammered with 3DS wielding gamers. As a reflex I turn my sights straint to my 3DS and see that humble green light blinking. As much a sweet sight it is I know that the 10 Mii Plaza StreetPass limit will be reached and I don’t want to miss one pass. I flick it open and sure enough the 10 pass limit has maxed. I go through the motions quickly as I want to cover this as best as I can live on our twitter and facebook feeds. Taking loads of pictures for our facebook album. It is now apparent to me that this is no normal StreetPass gathering. There’s a real mass of people now culminating in the small area and the shopping centre’s security people are making a fuss. More people than what were palnned for were turning up. Nintendo Colombia planned that the cordoned off area would be used for registered 3DS gammers and they were asked to assemble here in order not to hindure shoppers from shopping. The situation cooled and people naturally spread out a little.

Those who turned up and registered where given a very cool Mario 3D Land poster that came in a protective green thunnel. Even the thunnel was worth collecting as it has Mario characters imprinting along each side. Children were excited and a lot of people took the opportunity to unravel the cool posters supplied by Nintendo Colombia to mark the event. Kid Icarus AR cards were handed out librally by the Nintendo Colombia representatives to those in possession of the game. There was also a free game handed out at the end of the event. All this generious support was key to ensuring a mass turn out. It done good to no ends that Nintendo Colombia put the word out itself of the event a week beforehand. As popular as Nintendo Scene is, we just don’t have the reader base in this part of the world to pull it off ourself. With everything said and promoted as much as it possible could be, I was still massively surprissed to put the final count in excess of 150 StreetPass encounters with the upper limit at 200 or just above! This makes it one of, if not the most successful StreetPass event the world over (excluding Japan). Numbers asside, this has been one of the most impressive StreetPass gatherings I know of. Big congratualtions for all those who took the time out to be a part of this. Thank you.

There is a deeper social observation here.Seeing with my own eyes, gamers and to a larger extent people the world over, still yern to encounter one another in a nearer physical occasion. Couples, gamers from different social groups, male or female, and diferent backgrounds all coming together as one. Today, 3DS gamers travelled vast distances just to communicate each others’ game and Mii characters with one another. It’s the buzz of knowing you passed the vicinity of someone owning the same console as you, with perhaps the very same game you are playing. The experience is still real and this shows that StreetPass is relevant to gamers all over the world despite what some would have you believe. Perhaps we’re still missing that someone next to you playing the same game with you.

2 Responses to “Report – StreetPass Bogota Colombia – A Massive Success”
  1. Excelent event, we have a fun saturday playing MK7 and doing a lot of street pass. Staff suporting all the Nintendo Events.


  2. Alessandro says:

    Comment I’m experiencing a chlngeale with your rss feed . Don’t know why I am not able to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting identical rss problem? Anyone who is aware of kindly respond. Thanks


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