3DS news: Mario Brother Bonanza

The First Nintendo E3 presentation was dedicated to the Wii-U but Nintendo couldn’t ignore their handheld, the 3DS. The 3DS will have its own presentation later on at E3 so only a few minutes for the system were more than enough. Cue the Mushroom Kingdom music.

New Super Mario Brothers 2 was one of the three games shown for the 3DS. Not much was discussed, seeing as though this was the Wii-U showcase, but “gold” will be a factor for NSMB2. Nintendo went back to a strength with “retro-aspects” such as the Raccoon Suit. Also the release date was mentioned for NSMB2. August 19th is the day 3DS owners will be able to get their hands on this one.

Paper Mario:Sticker Star was announced and more, I’m sure, will be mentioned of this title during the 3DS presentation. What was mentioned was that stickers will be used for just about everything in this game. Need to jump on a goomba, there’s a sticker for that. Need to get out of a jam, there’s a sticker for that. The game will be released both ion physical form as well as digital form this holiday season.

Luigi’s Mansion got some love during the presentation but not much. Nintendo doesn’t want to steal too much thunder from the 3DS presentation. More Mansions to search and more ghosts to fight are just some of the new aspects to Luigi’s Mansion 2, otherwise known as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Holiday season is a recurring theme for E3 games and this one is no different. Be sure to check out the 3DS show later on during E3 for all the 3DS news and notes.

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