E3 2012 Wishlist: Nintendo At It’s Best

As my stomach churns at the thought of how important this Year’s showing will be for our Nintendo, I can’t help at remembering how Nintendo time and again manages to rule each Year’s exhibition (forgetting 2008). From my memory the unveiling of the N64’s specs back in 1995 to Iwata walking onstage carrying the brilliant GameCube, I know that one of the most significant gaming events will bring another turning point in my memory of gaming. Nintendo, set to spill the beans on the Wii U, with everything at stake, must deliver a mind blowing press conference.

As for putting names to a wish list of what I want out of E3, that’s easy. Amazing Wii U launch line-up, awesome Wii U specs, terrific Nintendo online gaming experience and whole new franchises. This is what gamers have been demanding from Nintendo since the days following on from the SNES. I have a feeling Nintendo will goes it’s own way. I might as well announce my own humble desire for a whole new Wii U Zelda adventure with Sykrim styled graphics. I know that’s what a lot of people want and I do too. But I would be most grateful for a 3DS Zelda game that used Skyward Swords assets to form a new smaller adventure. Following that, the next E3 wannabe for me has already been somewhat confirmed, but I would lap up a new Pikmin. I’m not asking for a changed game mechanic, just a series of new levels at the very least. After this I would very much like to see the Wii U’s controller being used properly with innovation and for it not to become some kind of gimmic. As a side wish, I really would like to see another defining game for the 3DS, something to beef-up it’s gaming portfolio further. To end, I really hope the Wii U is more than powerful enought to handle ports for a long time to come. Being excluded from some big releases a hurt Nintendo more than anything else in recent generations.

All this may be blue sky thinking. But I just can’t say how much I am looking forward to Nintendo’s E3 2012 conference. I hope you’ll all join us live for the conference at our Twitter and facebook feeds, plus all the fallout to follow afterwards here. E3 2012 is gonna rock.

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