E3 2012 Wishlist: Samus Aran, Come Rescue Me!

My wishlist this year is VERY specific: METROID. I want Metroid! So badly! I am a huge Metroid fangirl, and if I don’t get a Metroid title at this year’s E3, I’ll probably cry. I remember way back when Nintendo released news on Metroid Other M, I actually got down on my knees and cried, I was so excited. (Unfortunately, I was terribly let down with that game. I’ve replayed it recently, and while I could appreciate the artwork and style, I couldn’t stand the gameplay and Samus’ whiny, annoying voice.)

So, more specifically, what I want is a Metroid release for the Wii U. I also want Team Ninja to stay away from Metroid, and never EVER touch it again; I was honestly appalled and insulted with Metroid Other M (but I won’t get into detail with how I feel, or we’ll be here forever). I’d honestly love for Retro Studios to get their hands on the series again. I absolutely loved the Prime series, and believe them to be some of the best of the franchise. Retro handled Samus beautifully and created great story lines and beautiful artwork. I know that several years ago when they completed Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Retro said thy try we’re finished with the Prime series. But they never said they were done with the Metroid series altogether. Not to mention Nintendo leaked information thy Retro was working on a project that fans wanted. Another Metroid, perhaps? I know I want one.

Another thing I’d like to see this year is a new Zelda title for the Wii U. I’m always game for another Zelda adventure. My love for Zelda almost equals my love for Metroid. Not quite, but almost.

Of course, I’m hoping Nintendo releases specs on the Wii U. We’ve already found they’re keeping that awkward name, but I want to know price points on both hardware and software.

Although if none of that comes to pass, a Metroid announcement would more than make up for it.

Well, tomorrow’s the press conference…. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope. C’mon Nintendo, let’s make this a perfect, knockout year!!

And an afterthought: Oh dear god, please no Metroid/Starfox crossover. I read about that an I could feel the bile building in the back of my throat. I have nothing against Starfox, but Samus and Fox McCloud do NOT belong in the same universe. If this actually comes to pass, my heart will be shattered. Crossing my fingers!

7 Responses to “E3 2012 Wishlist: Samus Aran, Come Rescue Me!”
  1. Axl_abe says:

    I am so sick and tired of people blaming team ninja on this!! Nintendo guided them with each baby step and If nintendo did the title themselves it would be exactly the same


    • Amaris says:

      Every other Metroid game has been stark perfect. Honestly. Explain to me how once it got into Team Ninja’s hands, it was Nintendo’s fault again? I have nothing against Team Ninja and every other game they’ve made. But all I want is for them to leave Metroid be.


  2. Caleb James says:

    I agree with you. On, basically, just about everything, haha. I really hope for a new Metroid game too. I’m also a die hard. I was really excited when I found out that Retro Studio might be working on it. Other M was. . . different. Personally, I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the other games in the past. It simply lacked the core fundamentals that made a Metroid game what it is; Exploration, Adventure, Backtracking, and Problem Solving. Other M didn’t really have any of that. My favorite Metroid game is Super Metroid. Why? Because every time I play it, I can challenge myself with something completely new and radically different. I’ve actually managed to acquire the super missiles before I face Spore Spawn. Haha, I just love the game. Anyway, point is, Other M didn’t have that awesome spark… The animation and artwork was phenomenal, and I did enjoy the storyline outside of actually gameplay. But yeah, we better not get a repeat of Other M. Haha, a side-scroller would be nice…

    Oh, and that rumor about Metroid/Star Fox crap was confirmed FALSE. Haha, in case you were wondering…


    • Amaris says:

      Thank you, Caleb. Seriously, I totally know how you feel. I’m seriously bummed about Nintendo’s conference this morning. I feel cheated 😦



  3. nintymadden says:

    No new Metroid for Wii U unfortunately! 😦 Maybe, just MAYBE for 3DS at the 3DS software show tomorrow?


  4. Greyman says:

    The bellyaching about Other M gives me the same vibe as the whining about Star Wars Episode I. Thirteen years later, I still cannot comprehend the hate for the latter. All I ever get is people screaming “JAR JAR BINKS!” repeatedly (often while foaming at the mouth). Must be some Star Wars fanboy code or something, because I cannot decipher the logic.

    WHINY voice for Samus? Really? Her voice, tone and inflection were pretty much wht I always imagined. And I LOVED the gameplay; it’s the only third-person 3D game other than God of War where I don’t mind not having camera control. I could understand criticisms of no missiles in 3rd person, ditching the scan visor, no boss battle with Mother Brain, some pacing issues. But all I ever hear is people moaning and bitching about Samus going PTSD when first seeing Ridley. Seriously people, THAT’S all I’m supposed to focus on? What about the actual fight WITH Ridley? That’s my favorite Ridley duel to date!

    So yeah, gimme another Metroid built around Other M’s gameplay, and make it post-Fusion, completely with that sweet new suit!


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