ZombiU Puts the U in Survival Horror

One of the better titles that was shown off during Nintendo’s E3 presentation was the Survival Horror First-Person Shooter( as Nintendo puts it) ZombiU. This game shows off what makes the Wii-U unique and could help the system “survive” early on. Long story short, London is overrun with zombies and you have to survive the invasion by any means necessary. From what was shown during the presentation, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one, and I don’t normally like survival horror, but I think I can make an exception with ZombiU. Brains, Brains, Sorry I lost my head there for a moment, back to the game!

It will be interesting to see how game developers utilize the Game Pad or the Nintendo Tablet, as I see it. It could be used as Batman’s utility belt or a zombie survival kit, later revealed to be called the Bug-Out-Bag, or BOB. The BOB holds everything from the inventory to the map. It appears that most games for the Wii-U will use the Game-pad screen for things like the inventory or the map, similar to the Zelda demo from last years show. Like in most shooting games, you need to be able to make that perfect shot. Cue the sniper mode and another mode for the Game-pad. The cross-hairs come on the screen and you can now make your perfect shot. You gotta be able to make that perfect shot when it’s “kill or be killed!”

I had prepared a piece for this game during the presentation and a little afterwards and I didn’t know about this next feature, which this information would have been awesome to know during the show, not after on the All-Access page for the game. Anyway, the game is one hit and you die, thus survival of the fittest. What happens when you die? Well, this is something pretty cool. If you die, your character becomes a member of the walking dead and you become a new playable character in the same situation as your last character. However, the last character, now a zombie, has all of your supplies, and you need to get them back. This bit of information would have been great for Ubisoft to mention during the presentation. Now for things they did mention during the show and I’m really glad they did, the Door Hacking app I guess you could call it, and the “Zombify Yourself” camera mode. Lets start with the “Zombify Yourself” camera mode, done perfectly in the presentation by the Regginator himself. It will be interesting to see what game aspects this mode will be used for but I think it would be pretty cool to see zombies that look like me or my brother coming after me. Reggie even had a sense of humor about being turned into a zombie by making faces and by stating as a zombie “I like french food!”

Now let me talk about something that I saw during the presentation that made me go “That’s cool,” the door hacking program. I didn’t expect much when I saw the words “door hacking” come across my TV screen. When I saw it in action, I was blown away. The player walks up to the electronic lock and the key pad appears on the Game-pad screen. While all this is going on, the zombies are getting closer and closer from behind. You have your back to the impending zombie attack while you try random numbers to crack the code of the door lock. It was survival-horror-type game-play elements like this that were once thought of to be a dying breed. I can’t wait to see what else ZombiU has in store for us, hopefully more elements we, as players, haven’t seen before.

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