3DS 3rd Party Games Getting Shown Off!

The 3DS E3 presentation was held recently and the 3DS continued in the trend set by the Wii-U presentation, no ground-breaking news but some good news too. A small “listing” video was shown to the masses with some good 3rd party games for the 3DS, coming out this year. This is just a list of the what was shown off by Nintendo during their 3DS presentation. There was more third party games mentioned, but Nintendo went into more detail on those. Be sure to check out my post regarding the rest of the 3DS presentation!

Lego Batman 2:DC Super Heroes

Transformers Prime:The Game

Rabbids Rumble

Heroes of Ruin

The Lego Batman game has a demo on the eShop download service and is available to the masses now. Check it out now!

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