3DS Presentation at E3

Nintendo couldn’t ignore their handheld during E3 could they? The answer is “No.” The 3DS was only allowed a few minutes during the Wii-U presentation but the reason for that was the 3DS would have its own presentation the next day and an hour-long to boot. There wasn’t groundbreaking news during the 3DS presentation but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t news.

It seemed to me that the 3DS show was about giving more detail on already known about games but the one game that was absent was Animal Crossing. Everyone wants information on Animal Crossing and Nintendo didn’t give it to the people. However, with AC missing, Nintendo still brought some good games to the table to show off. Castlevania:Lords of Shadow-Mirror of Fate was up first and Nintendo knew they wanted to start with something good. The 3DS exclusive didn’t disappoint by showing off fighting styles as well as how the game will use the touch screen( drawing on map) as well as different weapons and magic attacks. Expect Castlevania to be available in the Fall. Release periods were front and center for the 3DS games, something Nintendo didn’t have for the Wii-U games.

Luigi’s Mansion:Dark Moon was up next and the game looks great. I can’t wait to see it in 3D. Not much was shown for Luigi’s Mansion but what was looks promising such as different mansions and environments to explore with different types of weapons to fight ghosts. You can demo the game in the eShop and Luigi’s Mansion:Dark Moon will be available for the holiday season in both physical form as well as downloadable. Another game that was shown during the Wii-U presentation was Paper Mario:Sticker Star. The point that was drilled home was stickers do everything and can be anywhere. They can be found by lifting up the ground as well as prizes in battle. The stickers control both offensive moves as well as defensive moves. Experience points are handled a little differently in this Paper Mario. The more you help toads and other townspeople, the more you will be rewarded with HP helping items and other goodies like that. I’m looking forward to this Paper Mario. It comes out for the holiday season.

Disney was there and they brought two games with them, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion as well as Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Epic Mickey is a band new installment for the Epic Mickey franchise. The game stresses the point of “Lost Disney video game history” for this Epic Mickey. Long story short, Mickey must rescue his Disney pals before something terrible happens to them. Will he be able to? For the other Disney game, Kingdom Hearts looks great. It will have Streetpass functions as well as work with the Circle Pad Pro as well. The game will take advantage of the 3D by having special attacks like “Flo-motion”( fast, easy to do finishing moves) and “Reality Shift” (touch screen abilities) will make this game really fun. If I can get some Ducktales and Darkwing Duck in there, I’m sold.

Pokemon had its moment as well by showing the two new games for the eShop service. Pokemon Dream Radar will make finding hard to catch Pokemon easier to find and then you can transfer them to your copy of Black 2 or White 2. The other game is another Pokedex and this one has data on every Pokemon known to man, until they “discover” another hundred or so, and you know it’s only a matter of time. It was also announced that Black 2 and White 2 will have some 3DS functions but Nintendo didn’t go into detail on that. New Super Mario Bros. 2 had a play demo as well as details on the Coin Rush mode. Coin Rush sounds like it plays like a time trial mode, trying to collect the most coins as possible on one life. You traverse three levels as fast as you can, collecting as much as you can. Every second remaining adds to your coin total and you can connect with your friends to see who can collect more coins. You can also play the game with two players and in the spirit of retro, Nintendo brought back the Raccoon suits from Mario 3, complete with Flying “P” action.

Nintendo didn’t drop the news bomb that everyone always wants to hear, but they went the safe route and I’m looking forward to playing these new games. I’ve been looking forward to Paper Mario for a long time and who doesn’t like the idea of Lego Batman.

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