Satoru Iwata: Rivals Are Already Copying The Wii U

Fighting talk from a man under extreme pressure to turn around Nintendo’s fortunes after a tough 12 months. With the Wii U’s release being Nintendo’s most important for 6 Years, Nintendo will need the creative advantage over it’s competitors. Iwata has come out to talk of  both Microsoft and Sony having dual-screen concepts of their own, with Xbox SmartGlass and Vita Cross-Play respectively and that these are truing to steal Nintendo’s creative advantage.

“It’s quicker than before,” says Iwata. “After our showing of motion control, it took three years for other companies to follow suit.” Referring to Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move, motion controllers developed by Microsoft and Sony respectively in the wake of the Wii’s huge success. “But this time it’s just one year after our proposal, even before we’ve released the actual product. I think that proves the great potential of what we showed last year.”

“However, I have to point out that there are essential differences between what we are doing and what other companies are doing. The main difference is that anyone who has a Wii U will be able to enjoy the two screen experience, while the other companies are saying its optional, but only if you have this device or that device.”

Iwata goes on to put down the concepts being implemented by Sony and Microsoft. “You might be able to get away with latency for streaming video, but not for video games,” says Iwata. “They can never realise the same gaming experience on a tablet. They don’t have the same devices that are requisite to play the rich gaming experiences we are talking about. Just imagine that you are playing with the traditional game controller and they are saying that you need an additional screen aswell. Most of us just have two arms, so how are we meant to hold this additional device?”

Iwata makes a compelling argument. But what do you all think?

One Response to “Satoru Iwata: Rivals Are Already Copying The Wii U”
  1. It can’t always be said that every awesome idea is Nintendo’s! But it is Nintendo that invests itself in innovative ideas that then prove themselves a success. Nintendo take risks where others tend to go with safe bets.


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