New 3DS XL Revealed At Nintendo Direct

Today, Nintendo revealed at their latest Nintendo Direct that they are set to launch a brand new 3DS with a larger screen.

In Japan it’s called the Nintendo 3DS LL and offers a 4.88″ top screen. The total viewing area on the top and bottom screens has increased by a massive 90%, the touchscreen is now 4.18 inches. It comes with a 4GB SD card but comes with no AC Adapter to keep the cost down. If you don’t have an AC Adapter from owning a 3DS/DS already, Nintendo will be selling a 3DS XL adapter and charging cradle separately.

The 3DS XL comes in three colours. In Europe it will be Blue, Red and Silver, while Japanese gamers can get White, Red and Black and Silver and Black. Personally I would have loved Europe to get a white one too, but we could get one in time.

The UK and Japanese release date is 28 July and those in the US will have to wait until 19 August. It will cost 18,900 Yen (around £150) in Japan and $199 in America. Nintendo say it will be a reasonable price in Europe.

What do you guys think of this news?

2 Responses to “New 3DS XL Revealed At Nintendo Direct”
  1. Dan says:

    I think Nintendo has missed a trick not adding a second circle pad. I think that would have helped push existing DS and 3DS owners to make the upgrade. Also the resolution is the same as the original 3DS, which can only mean the graphics won’t be as sharp as they’ll be stretched over a bigger screen. I never got to play on a DS XL, but heard this was very much the case with resolution and graphics. I’ll be putting my pennies aside for the WiiU instead.


  2. Artus says:

    WTF ! Is it a kind of a joke ? Big N is going deaf ! 199€ for this… come on ! Why don’t you listen for your fans ? The same resolution, no second pad, no charger, is’t bs ! Period !
    They are in need of money ? Ok, make something we are waiting for, not that… No wonder they don’t showed this in E3 ! It’s disgrace and believe me I love big N !
    Now, let’s just wait for the 3DS Lite, the circle pad for this, the special crate and charger, the 3DS XL Lite, and the 3DS2 XL Lite with a second pad ! Good move Nintendo ! The only good thing in this, is the discounted price for the very old 3DS !
    And the worse thing of all, is that I’m surely going to get one, but a US one for imported games !


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