Nintendo UK to Offer a Special Bonus with Pre-Orders of New Super Mario Bros 2

In a press release issued out to the UK press earlier today and tweeted out to our twitter followers almost instantaneously, Nintendo UK have announced that gamers will receive a special pre-order bonus in the way of a one-off collectible gold coin case. Funny enough, in the press release Nintendo have asked us editors to make clear that the cases are not actually real gold!

The small case – a replica of Mario’s iconic Coins – can hold any number of small objects including the New Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo 3DS Game Card itself, definitely a handy accessory if you’re always on the move.

New Super Mario Bros 2 will be released on August the 17th 2012 along with the 3DS XL. The pre-order bonus will only be available to GAME and gamestation customers. Both stores are listing it at the same price which is £29.99.

We have requested information as to whether this pre-order bonus or anything like will be available to customers in other World regions. We’ll update this post if and when we get an answer. But what do you think? Is this enough reason to sway your purchase in favour? Or were you sold already (like us)?

One Response to “Nintendo UK to Offer a Special Bonus with Pre-Orders of New Super Mario Bros 2”
  1. Wes says:

    I’m definitely going to buy this game, but won’t pre-order it. Digital download for me!


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