USA Club Nintendo:End of Year Rewards

It’s that time of year when the weather starts to get warmer and days get longer. It also means that another Club Nintendo year has come and gone. That can also mean that Nintendo has announced the newest Gold and Platinum rewards for the lucky few who earned enough “coins” to get the good stuff. Besides the usual calendar that Nintendo gives out, you can get your hands on a special set of Mario playing cards or a special poster set featuring images from Luigi’s Mansion and the Legend of Zelda. Personally, I went with the playing cards because I like to get things that other people won’t have. The posters are cool but usually one of the rewards has that special feel to it and in my opinion, the playing cards are just that.

If getting video games is more your speed, you can download one of the following: Super Mario Kart,(SNES) Metroid 2:Return of Samus,(GB)Mario Vs DK: Minis March Again,( DSi Ware) or The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.( N64) usually, I wouldn’t go with the video game download, but these are some pretty good games that would be hard to pass up. In this instance, I’m leaning toward Metroid 2 because I have the others on the original systems they were released for. I’m still hoping for more clothes and soundtracks from Club Nintendo but this is another good sign that Nintendo is trying. If what I’ve heard about the Kirby Collection having a soundtrack is true, then I will be really happy. As those of you who have read my posts, I’m a sucker for video game music!

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