Wario Land 2 Arrives on the 3DS eShop this Week


Gameboy Color classic Wario Land 2 is the highlight in this week’s Nintendo 3DS eshop releases. After making his debut as Mario’s antagonist in Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins on the Game Boy, Wario was given a franchise all to himself with the follow up game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. Due to its resounding success Wario Land 2 was released first on the Game Boy and later on the Gameboy Color.

Wario Land 2 is a platformer teeming with secret routes and alternative endings and is all about collecting coins and reclaiming stolen treasure whilst brutally bashing enemies around left, right and centre using Wario’s trade-mark shoulder tackle! It was the first game in the Wario Land series to have Wario invulnerable throughout; there are no lives for enemies to take, instead they take something far more valuable to him: coins. Wario Land 2 is a great addition to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. With its unique gameplay elements and tricky puzzles from start to finish it’s a must-have for fans of the platforming genre.

Also released alongside Wario will be two DSiWare games in the form of Zuma’s Revenge, the coloured marble popping puzzle game, and Flip the Core, a simple retro-style shooter which allows the player to flip the stage as the level progresses allowing them to see new enlightening angles. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will also have some DLC made available with four extra songs to play along with featuring two field stages and two battle stages. The Field stages are The Dalmasca Estersand from FFXII and the Dungeon music from FFII, while Etro’s Champion from FFXII-2, and the battle theme from FFVI make up the extra battle stage songs.

All these games and add-ons are available from Thursday 19th July from the Nintendo 3DS eshop. Wario Land 2 will be priced at £4.50; Zuma’s Revenge at 800 points (£7.20); Flip the Core at 200 points (£1.80); and the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy songs will be 90p each.

Will you be downloading any of these games from the eshop? Let us know your thoughts.


4 Responses to “Wario Land 2 Arrives on the 3DS eShop this Week”
  1. Awesome first article, crumpledpapyrus 😀 Now if only I had some money left on my eshop account…


  2. nintymadden says:

    Shame I haven’t a cent left on my eShop balance to get this game 😦 Been spending most of my money on DLC for Theatrhythm!!

    Nice first article Andy, look forward to reading more 😉


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