Olympic StreetPass Event for London 2012 – St Pancras Station 5/8/12 13-15:00

This event has now closed. Please click here for the full report. Stay tuned to our feeds for upcoming events. Thank you to all.

The capital and the country is in Olympic spirit. As the UK’s most prominent organizer of the largest and best StreetPass gatherings, Nintendo Scene are calling one for you all again! This time by your popular demand and particularly London’s hosting of the 2012 Olympics, we will be StreetPassing for Gold (or rather, that little green StreetPass light). If you’ve attended any of our past StreetPass events you know that these are pretty special occasions for UK Nintendo 3DS gamers. There’s still plenty more to announce before the big day, but for now the important information is below..

All the information you need to know is in the following line:
Bring yourself to London’s St Pancras Station (Upper Concourse – below the Olympic Rings) From 13:00 to 15:00 on 5/8/12 – All you need with you is your 3DS.

St Pancras station has in the past featured as our most famous of event venues in hosting our first ever StreetPass event. Which so happened to be the first anywhere outside of Japan and it was with the surprise attendance of Yoshinori Ono (Twitter). After this massive success we went on to organize our friendly StreetPass Flash-mob of London’s Apple Store. We’ve hosted plenty of such events each growing in turnout. This one should grow the scene further more.

Other important information for this event:

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One Response to “Olympic StreetPass Event for London 2012 – St Pancras Station 5/8/12 13-15:00”
  1. What games will you be keen to StreetPass for?


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