Planet Crashers and Kirby’s Pinball Land Arrive on the 3DS eShop this Week

A new piece of download software will be made available for download on the Nintendo 3DS eshop this week in the form of Planet Crashers. The game features customisable characters who you guide through space on a mission to thwart an unknown evil hell-bent on extinguishing the sun. Some of the external environments are quite reminiscent of Animal Crossing but do not be fooled this is an RPG that has you exploring the galaxies and battling your way through dungeons rather than doing chores and watering turnips! Planet Crashers has largely snuck in under the radar but could well be a rewarding title for 3DS owners. At £9 it is a tad on the expensive side but could still be worth looking into if you’re an avid fan of RPGs.

Kirby also returns to the Nintendo 3DS eshop this week with the release of Kirby’s Pinball Land on the 3DS Virtual Console. Originally on the Game Boy Kirby’s Pinball Land does exactly what it says on the tin – pinball. It’s been a month now since Marvel Pinball 3D arrived on the 3DS eshop so if you fancy a bit of a change of scenery, or a cheaper alternative, this one might well be for you. The game isn’t renowned for being a classic title (which pinball games are?) but it’s fair to say it was a reasonably popular title when it was released.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is having some more DLC released this week too with four extra songs added to the list of downloadable tracks; three of them battle stage tracks and just one for the field stages. The battle stage tracks are The Darkness of Eternity from FFIX, Desperate Fight from FFXII and Battle 1 from FFV. Tower of the Magi from FFII is the lone field stage release this week.

If DSiWare is more your thing then you’ll be pleased to hear a couple more titles have made it into the catalogue this week with Candle Route and Decathlon 2012. Candle Route is a puzzle game which has you leading the protagonist, Sparky, around Castle Crayon using the touch screen to tap where you want him to go. Your aim is to light all the candles on the map with only a limited number of taps allowed. There are a massive 200 levels in this game with unlockable extra stages all for the price of 200 points. In terms of value for money you’ll struggle to beat that, that’s one point per level!

Decathlon 2012 is the predictable athletics game that has appeared just in time for the Olympics opening ceremony this coming Friday. The game is not associated with the Olympics in any way but if you’d like to play some classic style button bashing athletics then this should quench your thirst better than a nice ice-cold glass of Pepsi.

Last but not least is this week’s WiiWare download which could be music to the ears of those who own a Wii Balance Board and a Wii Zapper. Horizon Riders, a futuristic on-the-rails shooter, will be made available for Wii owners to enjoy. The game is controlled using the Balance Board to manoeuvre and the Zapper to shoot, an interesting combination I’m sure you’ll agree. The game can be played without them though I’m sure there will be more reason to buy this for those who own the peripherals than for those who don’t.

All of these games and add-ons will be available for download from Thursday 26th July. Planet Crashers will set you back a whole £9; Kirby’s Pinball Land a more modest £2.70; Candle Route is just 200 points (£1.80); Decathlon 2012 is a pricey 500 points (£4.50); Horizon Riders is 800 points (roughly £5.60); and the additional Theatrhythm Final Fantasy songs are all 90p each.

Do any of this week’s download titles light your torch, or will you be too engrossed in the Olympics to bother with them? Let us know what you think.

2 Responses to “Planet Crashers and Kirby’s Pinball Land Arrive on the 3DS eShop this Week”
  1. Crumpledpapyrus strikes again with another awesome report 😀 Quite curious about Planet Crashers now… But that might just be because of a mention of Animal Crossing in the same sentence! I’ll have to do some more research before I commit. But thanks anyways for the informative rundown. If it weren’t for you I’d be in the dark as to what the heck all the new downloads are actually about!


    • Ah you are welcome, happy to help! Planet Crashers does look like a decent game but I think the price tag might be a little too steep, there are other games in the catalogue that arguably look better and they’re cheaper. Mutant Mudds for example.


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