Nintendo Scene – A Month In Review – July 2012

Hello everyone, Amaris here with your monthly dose of everything Nintendo Scene. Things have been a little different around here, but that won’t stop me from getting you your monthly review. Alright, let’s get started!

The month started off nicely with Steve T. getting a chance to test drive the Wii U. While he had some difficulties in communication in the beginning, he eventually made it to the event and got his hands on Nintendo Land and.New Super Mario Bros U. He broke his giant articles up into two, and after a quick Batman reference (woohoo, Batman!), he talked about Rayman Legends, his experience with Sing, Scribblenauts, and Game and Wario (title not confirmed). All in all, he said his experience was great and very fun. Check out his articles and see for yourself!

Nintendo Scene received an interesting and mind prodding bit from Microsoft’s Phil Spencer. He says that the SmartGlass is not a simple imitation of the Wii U, but a separate entity altogether. He also shared in my agitations of no Metroid or Zelda being announced at this year’s E3. Perhaps he’s poking fun at an already sensitive subject? Read his statement and decide for yourself.

China and Taiwan got two cute colors for the 3DS this month: a Cerulean Blue (makes me think of Pokemon) and Shimmer Pink. They are region locked (meaning no one else will be able to use them, boo) and will be released September 28th, along with the launch of the 3DS XL.

Nintendo release a statement saying that they will be able to keep up with other nextgen consoles, but Microsoft (as always) disagrees and believe Nintendo is essentially building a copy cat of the 360 when it comes to graphics and compatibility. Feel free to read the article an leave a comment, start a debate, or even a flamewar (no, don’t, but your feedback would be greatly appreciated).

For all of us on the American side of things, Last Story got a release date for the states. It will be released relatively soon, on August 14. A preorder of it will get you a neat soundtrack. From everything I’ve heard about this game, it sounds awesome. I may nab a copy of it. Will you?

Star Fox 64 3D developer Dylan Cuthbert says he wants to work on another Star Fox game. While that is good news for fans of the series, Cuthbert stated that ultimately the decision is Nintendo’s.

After a short-lived life, Project Sora has sadly shut their doors for good. Project Sora developed Kid Icarus: Uprising. After just one game, the company had closed their doors. Mashiro Sakurai, the founder of the company, is the director of the 3DS and Wii U versions of the new Super Smash Bros entry.

Kirby’s Dream Collection has already released in Japan, and is set for release here in North America on September 16th. I will personally buy this, because Kirby was one of the first games I ever played. The commercial Nintendo of Japan released to announce the game was adorable (as is almost everything that comes out of Japan). Go watch it, it’s adorable. Read the article while you’re at it as well, there’s lots of nice little tidbits in there.

Nintendo of Japan released a four minute video of unseen New Super Mario Bros 2 footage. It looks very cool, and filled with lots of coins. Check it out!

The CEO of 5th Cell has stated that he is fed up with the ongoing argument over whether or not the Wii U is powerful or not. He has come outright and said he believes it is very powerful. Check out the article here.

Orla reviewed Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm this month. She found the game absolutely wonderful, and raved about the music and content. She even made ME want to check out the game, and I’m not a big fan of the Final Fantasy series.

The MCM Expo was up in Manchester this month, and Nintendo Unleashed made an appearance. Crumpledpapyrus (I think that’s his name, haha) covered not only that portion of the event though, but all of it. His very detailed rundown was both informative and well written.

The 3DS XL launched across Europe this month. Crumpledpapyrus ran down the lists of pros and cons for this handheld, and whether or not it’s with spending the cash on. While I don’t know the translation of pounds to U.S. dollars, I can still feel the weight in my wallet from the numbers he’s presented. Personally, I don’t own the 3DS, mainly because I cannot afford it. But if it were me, I would most likely not purchase a 3DS XL, simply because of redundancy and ability to afford it. But that’s just my opinion. Wes traded in his 3DS for the XL, and loves it for various reasons; better battery life, easier to hold, and much more comfortable of a handheld. So all in all, it comes down to affordability and personal preference.

The Olympics are being hosted this time in London, and I am so incredibly jealous of everyone over there that gets to enjoy the atmosphere! Nintendo Scene is holding a StreetPass this Sunday at St. Pancras Station, that I will unfortunately not be attending due to my living across the Atlantic Ocean. But I wish I were going to be there. If any of you are over in London, look them up and head on over. It sounds like it will be a lovely event. Check out all the information here, and be sure to bring your 3DS.

Whew, well what a month, right? Lots of things happening, lots of things to come. I hope all of you are enjoying the Olympics (I haven’t been watching very much, because I cannot afford cable). Be sure to keep checking back here at Nintendo Scene to keep updated on all things Nintendo. And if you don’t have time to read a full article, you can always subscribe to our Twitter at @NintendoScene.

Have a good August, everyone!

7 Responses to “Nintendo Scene – A Month In Review – July 2012”
  1. A nice summary of this month’s action. It’s been a busy month! I can’t believe you need to have cable to watch the Olympics over there! I’m fully addicted to it! You can call me Andy by the way 😀


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