Nintendo Scene’s Olympic StreetPass London 2012 Report

Well what an event it was. A massive thank you to each and everyone for making it. These StreetPass gatherings really are something very special and we are immensely proud that they are taking place here in the capital of the World, London. This event was very significant in that it took place right in the middle of the London’s proud hosting of the Olympic games.

Baby Nintendo Fans In Tow

Like many of our previous events, this one started about 30mins early with a group of five or so StreetPassers, eager to snap up the early hits. Then comes the official start time of one o’clock and whole waves of people are turning up. The sight of each and every newcomer really is a sight that validates it all. When calling a StreetPass event there is always the dread that it’ll flop with just a handful or even the worst case scenario of nobody turning up. But by fifteen minutes in we could breathe easy as the number of StreetPassers where so high that we inadvertently blocked the flow of station traffic. We were fittingly position next to the exit traffic from the waves upon waves of people alighting the Eurostar trains from Paris and Brussels and so had potentially been within StreetPass range of tens of thousands of people from all over Western Europe. Our own StreetPssers came from far and wide across England and well away from London such as Wendy Humphrey from Yorkshire, Christopher McCourt from Birmingham and others from Brighton and areas surrounding London. There were also a few attending from our very first legendary StreetPass event, above named Christopher and Jassen Payen. A special thanks goes out to you and everyone else who made it. From here on it was a struggle to clear down all the StreetPass hits. They were coming in thick and fast.

Groups of StreetPassers quickly began forming their own groups, merging together in general circles. Each and everyone mingling, talking about the games they were playing, how far they’ve come in StreetPass Quest, how many puzzle panels they’d completed and/or what pieces they came to the event hoping for. Kid Icarus card trading happened, along with some M&S Virtual Card Album and Pokédex trading. Once everyone got on top of their StreetPass hits we all moved on to playing our favourite games. For most, MK7 was the order of the day seeing as this was the game most had with them and it’s considered the 3DS’s best multiplayer game, it’s the one we chose to run a few mini-competitions around.

Nicholas Brown, one of our MK7 winners

Off the cuff we formed a few MK7 groups and the winners progressed to play each other in subsequent rounds. The main tournament ended with some very intense karting some of which engulfed the station. It all ended with Marwan Elgamal (pictured above) being our all out accomplished winner claiming Mario Tennis as his prize. Nicholas Brown won our later MK7 bout and claiming a nice Mario 3D Land poster. This poster came all the way from our famous Colombian StreetPass event back in June of this Year, here’s the report from that event. But there were plenty of other multiplayer gaming happening around the turnout and everyone made the event their own, which was exactly what it was supposed to evolve into.

We’d put the Official turnout at seventy-seven but later reports from some attendees put this number at eighty to ninety plus! Whilst not being our largest StreetPass event, it was by no means a lite version. Especially considering some concerns regarding transport and getting to the event amid the huge numbers of travellers especially with it being Olympics Super Sunday. Judging by the number of StreetPassers and what we all accomplished in the way of trading and puzzle panel completions and then with the event braking up over an hour after the advertised meeting time, we can safely say this Olympic StreetPass is worthy of worldwide recognition. Of course none of this would have been possible without all the support from the countless retweets and special mentions by prominent gamers and industry figures such as; Jason Bradbury of the Gadget Show, Konami UK, Chin at Tecmo Koei, Yoshinori Ono at Capcom, Girl Gamers UK, Insert Coin Clothing, Tom Butler from IGN UK, Nintendisco including the great support and turnout from the DS London Community. All the personal word of mouth mentions of this event also helped immensely in bringing people to this event.

We here at Nintendo Scene are famed for bringing some of the best if not the best StreetPass events anywhere on the planet. Our minds are already boggling with ideas for our next StreetPass event. Let us know what you thought below and/or at our facebook poll. Each one of our StreetPass events are different in some cool way. Please stay tuned to our twitter and facebook feeds as you will then surely know what we’ve got planned next. 😉

Walk of our Olympic StreetPass attendees.

One of our MK7 races. Nik wins it comfortably.

A few pictures at our Olympic StreetPass event with many more over at our facebook album majority of the pictures have been provided by photographer Ortenzi.

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4 Responses to “Nintendo Scene’s Olympic StreetPass London 2012 Report”
  1. Was a great meet up! Maybe host the next one in San Francisco between October 11th and 16th!


  2. This looked like an amazing event! Well done to everyone involved! We should have the Olympics in London more often…


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