Wii U Box-Art Design Confirmed in the US

Rumours surrounding the possible box-art design Nintendo will use for Wii U games have been rife over the past few weeks. As usual it all started on the internet when Amazon of Canada put up images of the Wii U box-art for three upcoming Ubisoft games: Assassin Creed 3, Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth and Just Dance 4. These images were never confirmed as the Wii U’s official box-art design, after all Ubisoft could have drawn one up themselves to showcase their games, but now Gamestop of America have revealed an image of FIFA 13 with the very same template layout so it appears that this is indeed the official box-art for Wii U games.

It looks as though Nintendo are going back to the same style they used for the Gamecube with the curved bar along the top instead of the tab-like design the Wii used. Obviously this is only confirmed in North America but it’s fairly likely we’ll see the same box-art in Europe too. What do you all think to the new design? Let us know!

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