3DS XL Charging Cradle Available in the UK Next Week

Did you recently buy yourself a lovely 3DS XL but found yourself disappointed to find there was no charging cradle bundled in with the console? Well worry not! The cradle to the larger device is being released on the 24th August in the UK!

The obvious problem with this release is that if you bought yourself a 3DS XL then the chances are you also picked up an AC adapter to charge it with, or just used the one you already had from your original 3DS. Amazon has the charging cradle and AC Adapter listed at £19.99, will you be forking out that much just to get the cradle?

This release probably benefits those who haven’t yet bought a 3DS XL and will therefore need a charger. For those of you who are considering getting the 3DS XL you can of course buy an AC adapter without the cradle for £6.99 (Amazon). Is that cradle really worth an extra £13?

I personally believe Nintendo should have released this on the same day as the 3DS XL launch but then again would I be willing to spend an additional £13 just for a cradle? Probably not. What do you guys think?

One Response to “3DS XL Charging Cradle Available in the UK Next Week”
  1. If I were to buy a 3DS XL I’d more than likely just use my original 3DS charger and save myself some money :3 still not quite prepared to part with my lovely 3DS yet…


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