Limited Edition Pikachu 3DS XL Coming to Japan

The 3DS XL isn’t even a month old and it’s getting a new limited edition console already, at least in Japan. Yes, Japanese gamers will be able to get their hands on the new limited edition Nintendo 3DS LL Pikachu Yellow from September 15th!

The new limited edition console is priced at 18,900 Yen (£152/ US$238) and can only be purchased through pre-ordering at your nearest Pokémon Centre between August 25th and September 14th but it’s highly likely they will run out of stock very quickly!

Once it’s released on September 15th it will be available over the counter but we’d wager it’ll be sold out once all the pre-orders are collected or delivered so if you want one you’d better cycle down to a Pokémon Centre in the fastest possible gear and get yours pre-ordered!

There’s no news on this limited edition 3DS LL making it over to European or American shores yet but we can all hope! Europe doesn’t even have a Pokémon Centre so it’s not looking good…

We’re pretty excited about this new limited edition 3DS XL here at Nintendo Scene! What do you guys think to this new addition? We’d love to hear your thoughts especially if you’re getting one!

2 Responses to “Limited Edition Pikachu 3DS XL Coming to Japan”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish I lived in Japan….


  2. Jayar says:

    I wrote a comment on here the day you wrote this post, but it got eaten. I will try to rbemmeer what I had originally written and regurgitate it below. :(I share your worries about Wii games made for a more mature audience. Someone on Thomas’ blog pointed out that it took almost a year for the DS to really get hardcore support (both from third parties and Nintendo itself). I am cautiously optimistic.


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